Wednesday, July 09, 2014

chips and dips

Mike and I took advantage of being child-free and off work on Monday to hit up one of the local flea markets. It's something we do from time to time. We're not usually hardcore looking for anything but we do share a fondness for retro glassware; quirky drinking glasses, interesting pop bottles, milk bottles and such. There is one thing I am always on the look out for when I'm shopping, a retro chip and dip bowl set.

A few years ago when we were hosting the "Papa Al sold his house Garage Sale" I came across a chip and dip set that had been Papa Joyce's. It was love at first sight and I rescued it from my garage before it ever saw the light of day at the garage sale. I can't tell you how long I had that bowl for, but I know it made appearances at many Jammie Movie Nights and various other parties along the way. Then, the unthinkable..... I broke it. It was 100% my own clumsy fault and I was heartbroken for several minutes, but I had enjoyed the bowl greatly for the time I had it.


I found this on Monday while we were poking around the treasures. This is the retro chip and dip set that I used to have. The pattern on my bowl was different, mine was a  painted design applied with wide brush strokes. This set was a steal at $15, but the pattern did very little to blow my skirt up. The thing about that bowl I had is I loved it because it was beautiful, the fact that it was also Papa Joye's was total icing on the cake, so while I am in fact looking for a replacement I'm not going to settle for just anything.


My bowl was more in line with this style and if you notice this booth wanted $32 just for the chip bowl. I see a lot of the chip bowls on their own, the dip bowl and the attaching piece gets lost or broken. We walked away from our visit mostly empty handed. Mike scored a glass to replace one he recently broke and a tiny wink pop bottle, which was a sentimental purchase more than anything. I almost picked up a Bar Mitzvah trophy... which I don't even understand. Did Benjamin win his Bar Mitzvah? But no chip and dip set and so the hunt continues.

Do you flea market or garage sale? Any special collectables you're looking for?

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Betsy said...

I have been known to go to a garage sale or two, but I mostly stick to things we will use around the house.