Wednesday, August 13, 2014

and that's a wrap

It is the end of an era, that's for sure.

Abby and Jay in happier times before he squashed her foot.

I just finished sending an email that expressed Maya's intention to continue riding lessons in the fall session and Abby's intention to not continue riding lessons in the fall session. After five years of weekly lessons (and three falls), Abby felt it was something she was ready to let go of.

It's not just riding. You gotta work too.

So does that mean she's done with horses? No, absolutely not. She loves to ride, but she does not love the idea of Horse Shows. It's not something she has any interest in doing and at this point of her lessons they are more focused on preparing her to compete.

Guess where I am!

Luckily Grandma Sandi has Star living the high life, just around the corner from our place so pleasure riding for Abby is definitely in her future. I'm not going to lie it's an adjustment for me. It might be different once lessons get going, but right now it seems so weird for her not to be doing something she loves so much.

Well hello Dixie #latergram

Truly it wasn't a decision she made lightly. It came after much thought and conversation, but she's happy with it. She is starting middle school in the fall and I think she's going in nervous, but at the same time willing to make the absolute most of the new opportunities. You know, Mom, she said to me, I just want to try some new things. I wish I could have been more like her at 12... heck I wish I could be like her now.

Riding lessons. Again.

Looking forward to seeing what new things middle school brings us.

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Betsy said...

Well at least she hasn't given them up completely. I can understand that decision and am glad she took the time to make it.