Tuesday, September 30, 2014

seeing stars

In the midst of Abby's horse show during the fair the local news showed up to film some live, on location stuff for the news at noon. They interviewed some key fair related people as well as Jenna Rae and Stuart Walker, the brother and sister duo that make up The Reklaws a up and coming country music act that were performing at the fair.


Abby had some down time when they filmed The Reklaws' segment and before I knew it she was front and center at the rail watching them sing. Mom, they are so great can we go see them play? I promised her we could.


Saturday night found Abby and I down at the main stage for her first live music experience where we ran into one of my best cousin friends. Abby was absolutely beside her self with excitement. She kept telling everyone it was her first concert! True to Abby's word, The Reklaws were great! They played a lot of covers and really knocked them out of the park. Their original stuff was fantastic as well. Mike ended up joining us part way through the show and he was an instant fan as well. So the show as a live music experience was really great and that would have been enough. Abby got to clap and cheer and sing-a-long to a bunch of songs she knew, but then they took a short break and Abby asked me if she could buy a CD.

Now here's where it gets cool......

The day before I wasn't really paying attention to the lady who fell in love with Star at the horse show. She told Grandma Sandi how much her kids would love to ride him and so on.... her kids........ none other than The Reklaws. When Abby went to ask about CD's the very nice lady said, hey you're the girl from yesterday with the horse! So they had a little chat and Abby found out the CD's were $8. Mike took her back to buy one and this happened.....


With many thanks to our friend Michelle, The Abster got to meet these wonderfully talented folks who were happy to pose for a picture, sign a shirt and her CD. They took the time to tell her she was beautiful and that they needed more people like her in their lives. It goes without saying that she was over the moon for days.... still is over the moon. She sings Reklaw songs all the time and those few moments cemented the Revills as being Reklaw (and Michelle) fans for life.

Check them out on the itunes.

*hat tip to my pal TQ for the photo


Betsy said...

How exciting for her!!

Goofball said...

that is so cool