Friday, October 31, 2014

happy trick or treating

Grandma Sandi is the kind of Grandma that keeps the girls well stocked in Jolly Ranchers. This is one of Maya's favourite treats and the first time she offered me one of her stash she said...

Maya: Hey Mom, want one of my Jolly Ran-Gers?
Me: You mean Jolly Ranchers?
Maya: No Mom, Jolly Raaaaan-Gerrrrrs. (While giving me one of those, "my Mom is so dumb" eye rolls)
Me: Oh. Okay, sure.

And they have been Jolly Ran-Gers in this household ever since. This Halloween Mike and I grabbed a huge mixed bag of treats to supplement the mini chocolate bars. Maya sat at the kitchen table reading the list of candies that were in the bag, she tapped each name with her finger as she went.

Maya: Starburst. Laffy Taffy. Gob Stoppers. Skittles. Jolly....

At this point she stopped, her finger right on the "ch" in Rancher. She looked up and met my eye and grinned a little bit, everything she knew to be true about Jolly Ran-Gers had just been proven to be a lie.

Me: Don't you do it! Do you even start calling them by the right name now. I forbid it.
Maya: Jolly Ran-Gers. Look Mom, they even have Jolly Ran-Gers.

So if you're out trick or treating in my hood tonight stop by for a Jolly Ran-Ger.


Betsy Smith said...

That is adorable!!

Kaci said...

So cute! I may never call them with a "ch" again. =)

Mary Lynn said...

Awesome! Jolly Rangers they shall always be!