Friday, November 21, 2014

now what

Tonight Mike and I wrapped up watching Breaking Bad. I'm not going to lie, when we started watching this I was very much in the "What's the big deal?" camp, but by season two I was well and truly hooked. The last few episodes were an intense little roller coaster.  I was dying to know how the whole thing was going to wrap up, but now that I know...... well now what?

There is something pretty fantastic about watching shows on dvd (or bluray). Sure, it doesn't help with the whole getting to bed early thing I've been trying to do. You always want to watch just one more episode and the next thing you know it's one in the morning and you need all the coffee to get through the next day. Yep, binge watching shows is definitely the way to go. So again I ask..... now what?

What do we watch now?

Mike's suggested Deadwood or Boardwalk Empire. I was leaning towards Friday Night Lights. Or is there something else out there amazing that we have to see? The Abster and I are already working our way through Suits and I've got The Wire that I started watching and then abandoned for Breaking Bad. Shhhh, don't tell Uncle Dave.

What do you think?


Lynn said...

If you have Netflix, I can recommend Orange is the New Black. It's rather grim but totally engrossing - if you liked Breaking Bad it's probably similar in terms of horror and crises and emotion. We've been watching House of Cards on Netflix and while Season One was great (not as good as OITNB, but great), season two has been odd and offputting and we are struggling to get through it, so that's iffy.

One show we really love and always binge watch when the season is over is Justified. They're on season six now and each season is a complete story, so you can invest in one season and see if you like it without feeling like you are signing up for a lifetime of shows. Also, if you're not a current watcher of The Good Wife, now is the time to pick up the first few seasons on DVD - it's always been great but this past season, season five was SO MIND BLOWINGLY FABULOUS, it is worth the whole ride.

Also on Netflix - every season ever of The West Wing - certainly the first four or five seasons are well worth it if you have never seen them.

Carey said...

Friday Night Lights was a good series. Heartland is our favorite. Your "horse loving" girls would love it and it's Canadian!