Sunday, January 11, 2015

sunday randoms

Well so far I am 112,432 steps towards my goal of walking 3.65 million steps this year. Some quick and dirty math says that puts me a little ahead of schedule. I've also jumped into a month long squat/push up challenge that Maya has joined in on. It is equal parts adorable and demoralizing to work out with her.

Just wrapped season two of Hell on Wheels this weekend. I had never heard of this show before, but checked it out on my friend TQ's recommendation and boy are we glad we did. This chick is a card carrying member of the Cullen Bohannan fan club. Can't wait to see season three.

Shopped some deals this weekend and picked up some new Christmas lights, Christmas cards and a couple of end tables for the toy room. Full retail for the lot $110 and I got it for $40!! I love love love a deal.

I used my phone to deposit a cheque this weekend. How crazy is that?

Best words I heard this weekend, don't worry Mom I figured my math homework out myself. Phew. Grade seven math is tough, yo!

Cannot wait to give Maya her birthday presents. She's going to love them!

I slept in until 8am, two days in a row. What the heck?

How was your weekend?

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Kaci said...

That's awesome, I have a step goal too and am ahead. Woo!

Thanks for your comment, it helps to know I'm not alone.