Sunday, January 18, 2015

sunday randoms

182,696 steps so far this year means I am still on pace to make my 3.65 million steps by the year's end.

I never take my cellphone to my bedroom, but I did last night. I remembered to turn off the ringer, but forgot to turn it screen side down, which was a good thing, because otherwise my brother's text abut Top Gun wouldn't have woken me up at 1:30am. Best brother ever. No sarcasm. True story.

My shoulder feels different/better under all that tape. I'm grateful, but still taking it easy.

This weekend was kind of on the quiet side, which was nice because the ones coming up are jam packed already.

I slept in on Saturday and Sunday. I needed to catch up after the lousy pre-shoulder taping night. Auntie KK would be so proud of me.

Who's loving season 5 of Downton so far?

How was your weekend?

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