Thursday, June 11, 2015

times they are a changing


Change isn't always the easiest thing to deal with. I mean it certainly was never my strong shoot. There is just something about change and anxiety that doesn't mix, ya know what I mean? The Jersey Girls are facing some big changes this year as the decision has been made to discontinue the Ancaster/Dundas relay this year and our team was encouraged to join one of two other Relays in our area. So that in itself was big and as a group we had discussions about what we wanted to do until we ultimately decided to join the Hamilton event which led us to being a Juravinski team. If only that were it,

In the previous four years of Relaying with the Jersey Girls our home event was an over night, 12 hour Relay which we all really enjoyed even though by 3am we always questioned just what in the hell we were even thinking to sign up for this? Our new event happens over 6 hours in the daytime, now this change isn't specific to just our new Relay event. This is a change you see coming across the board for Relay for Life events. They were finding that getting people to commit to an event that took 12 hours to complete over night was becoming a hard sell. I get that, I so get that. As a person who is always looking for volunteers for a variety of different projects..... I know getting people to commit to even the smallest of jobs can be a struggle.

We are going into Saturday a bit like a brand new team, even as we celebrate our 5th Relay anniversary! We're in a new location, with new teams to hang out with. We aren't sure of the protocols or how our day is going to play out. It's equal parts exciting and nerve wracking. The Jersey Girls still plan on working hard and walking many many laps to adequately thank all of our donators. I am curious to see how many steps I manage to accumulate this year (55,000+ last year), I have half the walking time, but I still aim to pull numbers that impress you. The hows and the wheres and the whys aside, this much I know to be true.... on Saturday The Jersey Girls will be having the best fun celebrating the completion of our very best fundraising year to date!

And don't worry there is still time to donate! Really help push us over the top this year!

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