Tuesday, August 04, 2015

year of more update

Well we are more than half way through the Year of More! Betcha thought I forgot about it. I haven't, it's something that is still happening. Maybe not quite the way I envisioned it on January first, but I think that has been true for every year I have assigned a "theme" to.

So while I haven't been "more on top of the laundry"...... let's be honest, that one was never going to happen, as nice as it would be. There has been a lot more things that I wasn't anticipating.

More coffee dates. More Somersby. More nights that begin with... hey what are you up to tonight and end with a shared bottle of wine and laughing with friends. More wine. More water. More after dinner walks with the teenager. More Jays games. More texts about the Jays. How could there not be? The Jays are in it to win it! There's been more Netflix (was not expecting that!!) There has been more fundraising and volunteering and more fun people to do those things with. More outdoor movie nights. More dinners with friends. More skyping with the out of towners.

Can't wait to see what the second half brings!

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