Sunday, October 11, 2015

it was fairly awesome

So the fair is all wrapped up. Well it wrapped up a while a go, but I have been busy with post fair paper work, which means 95% of all laptop time has been spread sheet related, to the point that I foolishly gave myself a migraine. Totally my fault. I kept pushing past the point I knew I should have shut the whole thing down and taken a break. Ahh well.

The fair was a bit of a new experience for us this year. A lot of firsts. For the first time all four of us were card carrying volunteering fair members and as such I expected them to work. They did not disappoint. Typically fair weekend requires a fair bit of child care juggling. In years past my Mom has come to stay with us during that time, allowing Mike and I to come and go as we needed to. Other years they have bounced from one grandparent to another, spending sleepovers with whoever was available. This year the kids came and went with us, that meant long hours for them, which they took with little complaining. Mike and I have a responsibility to make sure that the school fair building is opened and closed at the appropriate times, that the building is manned during the hours the fair is open and so on, strictly speaking it doesn't require us to be there 100% of the time. We are not a committee of two, but I like being around as much as I can to answer questions, help kids find their art work, hand out high fives for a job well done and explain any judges decisions if necessary.


Maya was happy to hang out and help me in that department. Mike usually disappears to run a people mover at some point over the weekend and for the very first time we let Abby hang out with her friends all by herself. She was fairly decent about checking in with me (read: Not often enough for this Mama and far too often for the teenager, so probably the perfect amount).


Maya took her sister abandoning her in stride and hit up some rides all on her own. Big step for her! And she convinced me to go on the ferris wheel with her, which I thought would be no big deal, like the heights weren't going to bother me this time..... yeah, no. Big deal. Very big deal. But in the end we all survived.



We celebrated Poppa's birthday with pizza and award winning cupcakes the girls baked. The girls entered record amounts of projects this year and won a veritable boatload of bucks!


It is a lot of work to help them get that all tagged and ready, but so worth it. I think it teaches them to be gracious winners and losers, to appreciate hard work, and so much more.  Yep, totally worth our house looking like a bomb went off in it for days afterwards.


In the end it was a great weekend with my little cuties and my guy. Family volunteering win!

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