Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Well it happened, the high school option sheet went back to school with the oldest. In less than a year I will be the mother of a kid in high school. Doesn't really feel like that and yet it does all at the same time. Weird how that happens. I feel like this is a big leap in my parenting career. This is where the separation truly begins, little bit by little bit. She is on her way to becoming the person she will be. Of course that has been true since the day she was born. That is what all this parenting stuff has been for, right?

I feel like this is where it goes into the beta test. This is where we start to figure out if all those things I have tried to instill in her stick. Will she make the best decisions for her when I am not around? Will they be based on the big life lessons I tried to give her. Has she been listening to me the past 13 years? Gosh I hope so.


Betsy Hart said...

Its crazy how fast it goes!

Lynn said...

Yes to all of this. I'm afraid of the high school years, but I suppose we've been working up to it for years, trying to teach them how to manage in this world. I think you've got a girl with a good head on her shoulders and it shouldn't be too painful.

Plus - I seem to remember posts from when your oldest was in grade 4 - is that possible? Does this mean I have been reading your blog for FOUR YEARS? Time sure DOES fly!