Tuesday, September 20, 2016

hippity hoppity

So we got a bunny. Well, Maya got a bunny if we are being truthful. It's no secret that Maya has wanted a bunny for over a year, but we had kept putting her off as Mike is allergic to timothy grass and she had pretty much resigned herself to never getting a bunny. Then along rolled this summer, another week at Fair Camp and another batch of baby bunnies that would need homes when camp had wrapped up for the year. Maya really stepped up and helped out with the animals at camp this year. I happened to be around during feeding time one evening and watched in amazement as she scurried in and out of the pens that housed the sheep, goats, and chickens. I actually couldn't even believe it.


As we worked around the fairgrounds this summer Maya was naturally drawn to the bunny cage and as often as she could she had a bunny in her lap.


People have asked how she convinced us to let her bring a bunny home. She didn't. She didn't even ask. Unbeknownst to her, Mike had become the big push for this to finally become a thing. He felt pretty strongly that this would only be a good thing for her, something to help her manage some of her worries, but I really don't think he was expecting little Cupcake to work her way into all of our hearts so stinking quickly.


She is the most adorable ball of fluff. She is super sweet, very easy going and ridiculously easy to take care of. She is very much loved by us all and she has the greatest Bunny Mama ever. We owe a million thank yous to ML and her gang for making Maya's bunny dreams come true.


Lynn said...

Oh man, I have to make sure my daughter doesn't see this post! She has been begging for a bunny for a few years now, but I'm afraid of the allergy situation - we also have grass allergies. How is Mike handling it? Do you find it's a problem?

Shan said...

Mike has actually been 100% fine with the bunny in the house. She continues to be a delight and very little work. Mike even takes a turn at the weekly cage clean out with out any problems. That has just been our experience with her.

Wedding Dresses said...

You really love your bunny.