Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I am....

the chief cook and bottle washer around here as are the majority of the women I work with. Everyday somebody inevitably asks, what are you making for dinner? The most common response..... I don't know what are you making?

As the person that does 100% of the cooking (this goes down to 99.99% when bbq season is upon us) in my family I go through spurts when I really hate to cook. Of course the only reason I hate it is because I'm bored with cooking the same thing over and over again. On a good day I'll have a plan for dinner and I'll happily cook the meal and set the table only to have Abby look at it and say "no! Want Kraft dinner." Of course you know the nights we do have Kraft dinner she won't eat it.

Luckily I heard about the What's Cooking magazines from Kraft. They'll send them to you free if you sign up at www.kraftcanada.com. They're full of really easy recipes using things you actually have at home. Stuff like Kraft dinner or Stove Top Stuffing for example. So far everybody's liked all the recipes I've tried from the magazine.... Abby included.

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Kaye@Simplement D Liche said...

Love this magazine too..Saves my day! ;)