Sunday, January 09, 2005

I did it....

I got my own blog. I'm not really sure what prompted me to do so. I read my brother's blogs ( or regularily and haven't had the urge to start my own before. Somehow today was different. I've always liked to write and as a young girl I would envision being an author. I would write stories and poems for hours on end. The older I got the less I wrote unil I stopped altogether. Then one day in my late 20's I realized how much I missed writing.

So I started keeping a journal for the children I didn't yet have, but so desparately wanted. I have some of my Grandmother's "journals". I use the word journal's loosely since the were little more than a handful of sentences describing her day. What the weather was like, if she did laundry that day (with 5 kids nearly every entry was laundry day), if any of the kids were sick, if anybody came to visit or if they went visiting. She never wrote about her feelings or what her thoughts were on any of the subjects she wrote down in her journal. I'll never know of she hated doing laundry for 5 children plus a husband in a house with no running water or indoor plumbing of any kind.

Maybe in a way that's a good thing. To have a picture of the past not clouded with emotion. I made the decision for my own journal that I was writing it for it to be read by my children and their children etc. Maybe that's what Grandma was doing too.

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