Sunday, March 06, 2005

We took...

Friday off, both Mike and I. It was his birthday on Friday so he took his paid personal day. As for me, well I didn't want to be the only one going to work that day. Mike left early in morning to take care of all that birthday stuff, new sticker and for added fun this year a new picture for his health card and driver's license. He left the house about 8ish and was back home by 9:30. He was the first in line everywhere he went.

For an added treat we went to East Side's for lunch. Mike and I were sitting across from each other and Abby was in between us. Mike and I had finished our lunch and were waiting for our daughter, the turtle, to finish hers. Actually at this point she was working on the mini ice cream cone that came with her pizza. The waitress stops by and asks if I'd like me iced tea refilled, for some strange reason I replied yes. Now I say it's strange because normally I would never do that and I knew even as I replied yes that there was no way I was going to be able to drink the whole thing and it would just be wasted. Too late, at this point I had agreed and a big very full glass of iced tea was now sitting in front of me.

Now here comes the second oddity of our lunch. I pick up the glass and take a small sip. Just so it wasn't a "total" waste. Now instead of putting the glass back where I had picked it up from, back where my glass had been sitting all through lunch (upper left hand side of the plate) I put it down on the lower (very lower) right hand side of my plate. Now Abby is also sitting to my right still eating her ice cream cone. Can anybody see where this is going??? I notice that Abby is getting her hair in her ice cream and to keep her from becoming a sticky mess I reach over to tuck her hair behind her ear.

Now the third oddity of our lunch which at this point is becoming a train wreck, although we can't see that yet. For some reason I approach Abby with an amazing amount of force while apparently totally forgetting seconds ago I had just placed my very full glass of iced tea down right in the middle of the route my hand is now taking. Now when I make contact with the glass, it doesn't wobble and spill a little, it doesn't fall over and spill all over the table, oh no my friends, I knocked it over so hard and fast that I've now basically thrown an entire glass of iced tea right in Abby's face. It runs down her face all over her clothes and chair, she's now soaking wet almost head to toe and sitting in a pool of iced tea. The look on her face was one I can't adequately describe, her bottom lip came out and started to quiver, making me feel a million times worse then I already did. I must have apologized 600 times. I got her off her chair and gave her a big hug and let her sit with her soaking wet bum on my lap. So after all that she's a much bigger sticky mess than she would have been if I had left her alone. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think? She forgave me pretty quickly, but I kept apologizing anyway. Needless to say that's been Mike's favourite story this weekend. It usually starts with.... are you going to tell (insert appropriate name here) what you did to our daughter?

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