Thursday, March 24, 2005

Well Easter...

but not spring is upon us. We got hit with a pretty wicked snowstorm yesterday. It started in the mid afternoon and was still going strong when I went to bed at around 11 pm. What kind of craziness is that? It's nearly the end of March and we had to clean the car off this morning. It had warmed up to 5 degrees by this afternoon so it's already starting to melt, but that's not the point. I'm so ready to be finished with winter.

As for Easter I can't believe it's here already. It seems way too early for that. Probably because of all the snow we still have, but I digress Dave and Mel are making the trek down from the Pete some time tomorrow to join in the Easter festivities. In honour of their visit Mike bought me an electric air pump. You see when Dave and Mel come to visit they sleep in the BYOB. Have you seen this thing? It's an air mattress on a telescoping frame. Then when you're finished with the BYOB it folds back up into it's own storage bag. They sell it at Canadian Tire. You've probably seen the commercials for it with the Canadian Tire couple. Only we got ours at Wal Mart (of course) and it doesn't come with the built in electric air pump. So every time Dave and Mel come to visit I'm the one who cleans up Abby's toy room (which also doubles as our guest room) and sets up the BYOB. Now lucky for me Mike's Mom loaned us her foot pump. So while Mike makes himself scarce (it's funny whenever I have to inflate the bed he has some "emergency" that needs to be taken care of) I stand there pumping up this bed until I think my leg will fall off. I mean this is a queen sized bed, so it takes a long time to fill it. Well no more my friends. With my new electric air pump I'll have that bed set up in no time.

When we got home from shopping tonight I took my new purchase out of the package to admire it and think about the leg cramps it's going to save me from. Mike says right away, "it's got to go back!" Umm I don't think so cowboy. I am not going back to the foot pump. No way, no how! Well it seems for some unknown reason I picked up the one that has the 12v adapter on it. Now because of the frame there's no way we can fill the mattress outside at the car and then bring it back in the house. So now I'm annoyed that even though I have the electric air pump in my house I'll be pumping the bed up manually tomorrow for Dave and Mel. While I'm sitting there hating that the stores are closed tomorrow Mike says, "forget it. I can get it to work."

Oh thank the Lord, but how? Have you seen the Canadian Tire couple's commercial for the portable generator? You know the one when they're watching DVD's in the woods on their camping trip? Well we have that and it has a 12v adapter plug in it. So the electric air pump stays, the foot pump goes back to Sandi and I have a strange feeling that Mike will want to set the bed up himself tomorrow night.

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