Saturday, March 19, 2005

Talked to....

my brother earlier today. We actually don't talk on the phone all that often. So it was a surprise to see his name on my call display this morning. He was calling to tell me that they are coming to stay for a couple of days next weekend. He also felt the need to give me grief over my lack of blog updating this week. I refrained from mentioning that he once went 5 months without updating his. It is nice to know that somebody's reading this though. I don't really have a lot to say today so you're just going to get some of the random thoughts I have rolling around in my head.

Took the last of our cupboard doors down to our friend's house to be routed. This kitchen is getting close to completion. Our "little" kitchen remodel that we thought would take no time at all is now at 14 months and counting. I think the end is in sight, but I can't quite make it out yet.

The latest in Abby Car Ride Concert series is No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes by Hawksley Workman.

Abby was with me earlier as I got dressed to go out tonight. I grabbed a pair of pants out of the closet and put them on and started to look for a top to wear with them. Abby looks me up and down and says, "that's too small Mommy, take it off". Well that stopped me dead in my tracks. She then walked over to the closet grabbed the arm of a sweater and said "here wear this". I did end up changing my pants and I gave her sweater a try. It looked good together. How pathetic is that, taking fashion advice from a two year old.

We went to visit Fred and Jen tonight. We haven't seen them in quite some time. The kids played together to the best of a toddler's ability anyway. They were a few tears shed and a toy or two was snatched out of unsuspecting hands, but all in all they did okay. On the way to Fred and Jen's we past the old grade school. When we moved here 20 plus years ago they still taught grades kindegarten through 3. It's not a huge school, but it's a decent size. Only it's not a school anymore, but somebody's home. How cool would that be, to live in a school. I'm not talking an old one room school house. This is a fairly modern looking grade school. Can you imagine having a class room for your bedroom? What about your own gym? You could host Cosom hockey tourneys. Have annual dodogeball games with your family at Christmas time. The benefits are endless.

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