Thursday, March 27, 2008

don't quote me

We really love to watch movies. Not that there seems to be a lot of time to watch them these days. Well ones that aren't animated anyway. Which explains the stack of 20 movies I have in my "to-be-watched" pile. Couple that with my "to-be-read" pile, which currently stands at 70, I am going to be a busy girl for a very very long time. Anyway all this talk about movies is just a roundabout way of asking you if you want to play a game? A movie quote game?

As far as I can tell the rules say I need to give you a quote from fifteen movies that I love, but you know what picking fifteen was hard, only because I love oodles of movies. Way more than fifteen. So I'm giving you ten, in no particular order and it's likely I may do this again with ten different movies. Who knows, the world is my oyster.

Movie #1: In this corner, weighing in at 110 pounds and pushing 89 years of age and the recent recipient of a brand new plastic hip, Joseph "Blue" Polaski.

Movie #2: No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.

Movie #3: I should've never gotten on that plane. I should've never gotten out of the car.

Movie #4: Ten oughta do it, don't you think? You think we need one more? You think we need one more. All right, we'll get one more.

Movie #5: What makes you think you can just walk in there and take whatever you want?

They're called boobs, Ed.

Movie #6: You know how they say we only use 10 percent of our brains? I think we only use 10 percent of our hearts.

Movie #7: I don't want your life.

Movie #8: They call me Cha Cha because I'm the best dancer at St. Bernadette's.

With the worst reputation.

Movie #9: First she steals my publicity. Then she steals my lawyer, my trial date. And now she steals my goddamn garter.

Movie #10: We can stay up late, watch Scary Movies, and in the morning, I'm making waffles!

Well there you have it. Feel free to take a stab at one of these in the comments section.


Gerbil said...

ummmm... I think I only know 3 of them!

Melissa said...

Cool game! #3 - Castaway?
#8 Grease of course!
#4 Oceans 11

Cant wait to see what the answers for the rest are!

Karen said...

#1: Old School (Ear muffs! All you had to say was ear muffs!)

#2: Gone with the Wind

#3: Cast Away

#4 Ocean's Eleven

#5 Erin Brockovich

#6 Wedding Crashers (at this point John would say "motor boat" ugh)

#7 ???

#8 Grease

#9 ??

#10 Shrek (Emily's all time favourite)

Mommy said...

ok- i'm *not* looking at the comments on the side (promise) until after I post mine. 1-no idea,2-GWTW, 3-SiS?, 4-TIST?, 5-EB, 6/7-no idea, 8-G, 9-no idea and 10---DRIVING ME CRAZY! I know it. I know i know it! I can even think of ~how~ it's said "waffff-ulls!" but I can't name it!!! Arrggh.

Thanks for the fun, Shan.

Mommy said...

LOL!! Okay...i thought the whole "one more thing" was from Spinal Tap and *HOW* could I miss a quote from my sweetie-pie, Vince. I'm so sorry Vincey. I remember it now! And...of COURSE...DONKEY!!!! I've only seen that movie about 50 times.


Shan said...

Great guesses everyone!

Leah said...

I HAVE NO CLUE!! And I've probably seen most of those movies, if not all, but I'm horrible at this sort of thing. LOL!! FUN POST though!!! I'll look forward to seeing the answers!