Thursday, May 15, 2008

abby, maya and her friends

Well it's safe to assume that my attention has been focused on Abby for most of this week. She is doing a bit better today. She still hasn't eaten much of anything, but she's been drinking pretty well today. She did have a bit of dinner, but it upset her stomach. She did keep it down though, so that was good news there. She's still really exhausted though and was back on the floor at bed time complaining of the pain in her stomach. Luckily a warm heating pad on her stomach got her calmed down enough to sleep which is really what she needs at this point.

All this to tell you that Maya is still hanging out here with us in our house that, according to Papa, smells vaguely like puke. I've been trying not to neglect her too much, but I will admit she's been eating dry cereal for breakfast, staying in her jammies most of the day (if I'm lucky it's the whole set, but often we don't get the pants back on after a diaper change) and watching way too much Playhouse Disney. Overall she's been pretty good about amusing herself. She does have her limits and then I'm trying to fit both of them in my lap. She's been very concerned about Abby, asking her multiple times per day, "okay Abby? Abby, okay?"

What's been keeping her the most busy? Robin's girls. In magnet form. Robin, my Oprah, gave me the girls school pictures in magnet form this year and they have turned into Maya's favourite toy. She spends endless amounts of time taking them off the fridge and putting them back on calling out their names while she does it. Which is impressive because Abby at three still couldn't keep them straight, instead calling them "the big one", "the little one" and so on. The funniest is when she lines them up on the window ledge and talks to them.



Awhh bless her heart! Cute pic!
Hang in there. Maya looks like she's just fine with the magnets. :) It sounds like Abby will be feeling better any minute.
Glad to hear Abby is on the mend!

And Maya is just too cute for words. She seems awfully proud of herself!!
now, that is funny
I hate it when the itty-bitties are sick :-(
Magnets are awesome toys

Hope they get feeling better soon
Thanks everyone. We're doing much better here. In fact the girls are fighting about markers right now!
Poor Abby. Stomach viruses really are heck for everyone around, aren't they? I hope she gets rid of it quickly and no one else gets it!