Saturday, May 17, 2008

blog this #2

Well I had fun with this last month, so here it is again. The rules are the same as last time.....

Here’s what happens:

1. I start with a question/phrase.

2. The first commenter answers that question and leaves a new question for the next visitor to answer. It could be a general question, fill in the blank sentence, a “tell me about a time when,” etc.

3. The next commenter answers the new question and provides a question for the next visitor.

4. And so forth until you’re all bored to tears. Yes, I expect actual tears before we stop (photographic evidence will do).

5. Note: I reserve the right to delete or modify any questions that, you know, rub me the wrong way. Ahem.

The first question:

What is must see TV for you? Which show do you absolutely hate to miss?


Leah said...

Before the writer's strike back in (November?), I'd have had a whole string of shows to list off here (CSI, Survivor, Cold Case, ER, Grey's Anatomy, etc etc etc), but over the course of a few months of not having much TV to watch, I've gotten out of the TV habit, and now if I'm sitting down and it's on, I'll watch it, but I don't tape anything, I don't rush home for anything, and I don't obsess over anything. PHEW!

What's your all-time favorite dessert?

Kaci said...

Favorite dessert is cherry cheesecake! Mmmmm soooo yumo!

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Kellan said...

In the winter I love to go skiing in Red River, NM and in the summer I guess I'd have to say I like to be on a cruise ship heading anywhere out to sea - it DOES NOT MATTER WHERE!!

Do you believe that children benefit from watching TV?

Take care, Shan - nice to see you. Have a good week - Kellan

Angela said...

Yes they benifit especially when it gives the parent a brether and tey can be a better parent in 15 minutes

Question -
Do you think hair die looks natural?

Roxie said...

Do I think hair dye looks natural? Depends on who did it and what color they went. There are many shades that do not occur in nature. I'm not wild about the tiger striping that is popular right now, but subtle highlights and lowlights can be very lively and natural.

How did you learn to cook?

just me said...

I learned to cook by helping and watching my Mom and then a whole lot of trial and error, I still have a hard time with peirogi dough and working with yeast.I could make sidewalks with some of my yeast baking attempts :)

How would you spend your ideal day?

the l partner said...

ideal day--I actually just had an ideal day, it started with a relaxing drive to the falls with stops along the way to beautiful nature spots-- flower clock, whirlpool sight hawks flying in our faces totem poles and lilacs everywhere.winning money to pay for a fantastic dinner and an amazing le grand cirque show and a hot tub and pool to end the perfect day.

whats your favorite childhood memory?

Anonymous said...

Riding around my neigborhood on my bike with all of my friends. Those were the days :).

If you could only have one food the rest of your life what would it be?

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Well, I suppose the practical answer might be eggs - complete protein and can be made all kinds of different ways so you don't get toooooo bored. But, I'd rather say turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce. :)

If talent/money was not an issue...what would be your dream job?

Shan said...

I think I'll close out this round of blog this and answer Normie's question......

I think something web-design-ish. Freelance, of course. All so I could live out my ultimate fantasy and work from home in my jammies.

Thanks for playing everyone!