Monday, May 12, 2008

the borrowed post

My good buddy, The Mommy Project had the fantastic idea to interview her girls. Of course I'm over here wondering why I didn't think of that myself, but here we are and I'm totally borrowing her idea, questions and all.

Favourite Food: cheese hamburgers and hotdogs. (Very true she'd eat them all the time if I let her.)

Favourite drink: lemonade (umm okay, I'm not sure where she's drinking this since we buy it once every six months or so.)

Best Friend: Maddie & Derek (well that will come in handy when Maddie and Derek get married.)

Favourite School Activity: Sticker Stories. (they sure love their stickers at this age don't they?)

Favourite Toy: Barbies (I could have guessed that by the many half naked Barbies bodies that litter my house.)

What will you be when you grow up? A Dancing With The Stars girl so you can see me on tv. And I'm going to marry Derek and have 8 kids. (that could be tricky since Maddie is planning to marry him too.)

And, because I asked, she is planning on having a boy, girl, boy, girl and so on. Their names in no particular order; Maddie, Jessica, Tegan, Miss AbbysTeacher's Name, Shannon, Picture Frame (a boy in case you were wondering), Pajama (boy again), and Magazine (another boy). I don't know who I feel sorrier for, Magazine or the one boy who's getting a girl's name. Oh and she's planning on building a house right between ours and our neighbour's. Which she may have a problem with since Abby's planning on using her yard for it. She's even been shopping the flyers for furniture and tried to get me to buy her a pizza cutter for her "cottage" not long ago. Any day now I'm expecting to catch her out in my neighbour's yard, shovel in hand, digging the foundation.


Angela said...

Very cute. You are going to have some boy trouble

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Well, if Abby needs any help with that foundation she should give Jamie a call since she is going to have a job "digging stuff" when she gets older. :)

What kind of cologne is Derek ~wearing~?? ;-)

Leah said...

how funny! Jared's preschool did a "getting to know you" segment in the monthly newsletter asking the kids those questions and some of the answers were just hysterical!!

I'm still giggling over the image of her hauling the shovel over to the neighbors... LOL! Wouldn't that just be a site?

Shan said...

Angela - yes I think we will.

Normie - I don't know, I should ask his Mom. Abby tells me all the girls love Derek. And I'll let her know to give Jamie a ring when she's ready.

Leah - I love those things they're the best. I may make it a regular feature.