Friday, May 23, 2008

friday flashback - those were the days

For some reason a long ago birthday popped into my head this week. The one where my brother wrote in his journal (remember keeping a journal in school?) that I thought I was "so hot" because my Grandparents had given me Jordache jeans for my birthday. Good Lord, Jordache jeans? Remember those?

That was the same birthday I got my boot roller skates, white with the red stopper on the front, and got to leave those metal ones that attached to your shoes behind. Remember those? With the metal key to adjust them? There wasn't much I loved more than those roller skates, I tell ya.

*Oh and for the record those jeans did make me think I was something spectacular.


Angela said...

You mean they don't make them anymore.

I am not even that old

darlene said...

I sure do!!remember, yet you forgot the high top runners and the lumber jacket!!
Oh did i mention i was the Queen at Saints roller rink!.... hee hee

Melissa said...

Jordache jeans and roller skates- oh yeah- I was hot stuff too! Nice flashack!!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Ohhh...I had those roller-skates, too! That was right around the time of leg-warmers, too - and the jeans with the piping down the side of the legs.


renaedujour said...

That brought back memories. For me it was a pair of Rosemary Blue jeans that cost $30 in 1982. Hot stuff for sure.

Shan said...

Angela - I feel the same way.

Darlene - no that hasn't come up before, but I totally believe it.

Melissa - thanks.

Normie - aww leg warmers. I loved my leg warmers.

Renae - Definitely.