Friday, May 23, 2008

bathing beauty

Boy it's been chilly the last couple of days around here. So, what's a Canadian girl to do when the calender is clearly telling us it's spring even if the weather isn't co-operating? You get inventive.


Grandma Sandi arrived this morning with two stunning new bath suits for Miss Maya. In the complete opposite of vanity sizing, these suits are marked a size 4, but fit Miss Maya who wears 24 month sized clothes.

Thanks to a nap that went on a bit too long this afternoon, bedtime was one long fight. In the end one of us was going to have to give in to something. I chose the suit. While she stubbornly clung (loudly) to her principles and in the end, exhaustion won.



What a cutie! She sure loves that swimsuit!
that's a size 4? It still almost seems small on her! LOL

I'm cracking up at her having that on over her pajamas. Whatever works, right?
This could be a new trend! Great way to prevent sun burn and skin cancer.
That's hysterical! Love the photo.
She is so cute!

(Thank gawd for exhaustion...sometime that's the only thing we've got left working for us!) ;-)
Melissa - she sure does. It was a heck of a fight to get it off her in the morning.

Leah - I know, she got two of them, but they had to have the wrong tags on them. She's not even in a size two yet.

Laurel - good idea!

Renae - me too!

Normie - you said it!