Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it was going well


I haven't wanted to brag, but Maya transitioning from crib to big girl bed has been a breeze. When Abby made the shift I think I spent three nights standing outside her room ready to deposit her back into bed the fifty million times it took until she got the idea that she needed to stay in bed. Maya seemed to grasp the concept right away. That's not to say that she doesn't sometimes get out of bed, but usually it's because she's after a story book or a doll she has stashed somewhere in there.

And the sleeping, oh the glorious sleeping. All night. It's a miracle. For the first time since birth she's sleeping through the night 99% of the time. Of course the last two years has done nothing, but train my body to stay awake longer than it rests, so this sleeping thing has been a transition for me as well. You'd think it would be easy. Given the opportunity to sleep, you would think the body would just know to rest, but it doesn't. Instead I lay there and look at those little red numbers and attempt to calculate how much sleep I could get if I fell asleep that exact moment. Sometimes I resort to reading myself to drowsiness. So on the plus side I'm catching up on my reading list (70+ to go). Just finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter which was great. Highly recommend.

Now while I was busy giving myself imaginary high fives for the ease of this whole endeavour, Maya was very quietly doing this......


That would her entire wardrobe there on the floor. There are nine drawers in her room between the dresser and her bed and every single one of them was empty. What do you think the odds are this was a one time deal? I'm thinking not good.


bleeding espresso said...

It's not her fault! I blame that WCW recipe yesterday ;)

just me said...

It looks like a sale table at the childrens place. teehee

Melissa said...

I'm dreading the day Katelyn switches over to a toddler bed. Gavin would NOT stay in it for the life of me! Funny pics!!

Roxie said...

So, was she trying on everything she owned, or just haveing a ball unpacking?

So good about the transition! Good girl!!

Karen said...

I hear you on the lack of sleep. I just expect to be up once a night, at least, with Hope. I'm used to be fatigued all the time. I don't know how I'll transition to being well-rested one day... when she's 15 or so.

I'm glad you're getting good sleeps now. I hope your body gets used to it soon!

renaedujour said...

That's awesome that she's sleeping through the night. My daughter is two and she just started sleeping through the night. I have instituted a "don't ask, don't tell policy." If it goes on in her bedroom after bedtime and she's quiet I'm not getting up unless I suspect injury or property damage. :)

Anonymous said...

Really, a girl needs to see all her options for clothes to wear the next day.

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

My girls do this, too...only it's during the day and they've tried on every single outfit they own ~before~ tossing them all over the floor.

But...hurray for the sleeping through the night!!!


Shan said...

BE - ha ha,good point.

Mom - it sure does.

Melissa - outside of this one incident she's been great really. Better than I was anticipating.

Roxie - just unpacking.

Karen - it is some what of an adjustment.

Renae - that's a good policy to have.

Suze - of course!

Normie - Abby used to do that, but she's stopped thankfully.