Thursday, May 29, 2008

i think there may be a cool mom campaign points deduction on this one

For the past three years Abby has been going to swimming lessons with Grandma Linda. They started out in a "Mommy and Me" class and worked their way up to the current lessons which have found Abby, by herself, in the big pool or the "college pool" as she calls it. I've never really gone to watch Abby's swimming lessons. I have been to a handful or so lessons over the years, but traditionally this is Abby and Grandma time. It's been kind of nice to have Abby off doing something that is completely independent of me. I don't have to worry about anything beyond having her towel and suit ready. Grandma Linda takes care of the entire production including, but not limited to, scheduling; picking which class Abby will take, co-ordinating lessons with a couple of Abby's classmate's Moms and so on. So I'm really pretty clueless on the whole swimming lesson set up.

Tonight was Abby's last swimming lesson for this session. Grandma Linda had another engagement so we were going to be in charge of getting her to the pool. No problem I had her at the pool and in her suit with five minutes to spare. Taking her out onto the pool deck I noticed her classmates were already in their life jackets and in the pool. Abby went off to join them and I headed upstairs to the gallery. Got up there just in time to see the teacher handing out report cards and dismissing the class. What the hell? I head back down to the change room and collect Abby realizing my mistake. I thought the class started a half hour later than it actually did. Meaning I had Abby in her suit and ready not five minutes before class started, but rather five minutes before it ended. Blushing, I had no choice but to admit my goof to my neighbour who's daughter is in Abby's class. "See," she said to her own daughter when I told her, "Mommies aren't perfect all the time." So very true. I just wonder why I feel like such a dumb ass when I'm not perfect. Abby couldn't have cared less that she never got a drop of water on her,but two hours later I'm still feeling horrible about it. Damn you Mommy guilt.


just me said...

don't be so hard on yourself, everyones entitled to a mistake or two
welcome to my world;)
What did her report say?
still love ya!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Aweee. You *are* being way too hard on yourself. Better go re-read that linky you put up the other day!! ;-)

Leah said...

I've had my share of moments. Most recently, I was packing the car to head to Em's birthday party location, with just enough time to get there comfortably early, and realized I'd forgotten to balloons filled with helium. THE ONE THING I'd promised promised promised to do for the party (when our parties are at home, I go a little crazy with wall-hanging decorations, and streamers, etc, but the dance studio says we can't do any of that stuff, but we CAN have balloons). I arrived at the party fighting back tears because I felt so horrible, half the guest were there already and witnessed my tears, so I felt like an even bigger failure. But one of the moms has a helium machine at her work and keys to the building to get in, so she went and filled the balloons for me and the party went on...

Does that make you feel ANY better???

We're definately harder on ourselves than warranted! Look at how much you've done RIGHT, and what you've gone beyond all expectations with (I'm still in awe over the Emerald City cake and yellow brick road cookies...)

Shan said...

Mom - thanks, she passed! She just has to work on being more confident in the water.

Normie - that's a very good idea.

Leah - Officially loving you!

Gerbil said...

We all have those days. At least you showed up on the right day?

(Not that I might have taken my son to tae kwon do on the wrong day or anything...)