Thursday, June 05, 2008

tiny moment - two going on fourteen


She may be small, but she already has an attitude the size of Texas at her disposal. And she's not afraid to pull it out when she isn't getting her own way.


just me said...
Oh how you'll all look back on this and laugh...someday ;)
Perfect. I feel that way today too.
LOL!! niiice!! 8x10 worthy for sure! :)
Mom - yeah me too.

BE - I think you're probably right. It's actually hard not to laugh at her now. She's too small for all that attitude.

Renae - I did today too.

Kaci - no kidding.
Shan, she is beautiful! Both of them are. Thanks so much for the link. I've missed seeing the girls. I'll keep up on you're in my google reader!!!
JULIE!!!! I am so glad I sent that link too! I've missed you!
Ok girls! I think if you have time to blog you have time to email!!! lol I miss you guys!!!


ps Shan and Julie the girls are beautiful!!!!
ok guys!! if you have time to blog you HAVE to have time to email!!!! I miss all of you gals!!!!!

her expression is priceless!