Wednesday, June 04, 2008



Dear Abby

At the risk of sounding like a cliche, how is it possible that you're six today? It seems like just a minute, but yet a lifetime since you came rocketing, bum first, in our lives. And I can't quite remember what we ever did before. It seems like every minute of my day is full with you and your sister. Even when we're in separate places, you and Maya are always number one on my mind.

I'm a little sad to be saying good-bye to five. Five has been a fun year watching you grow and experience so many new things. School has allowed you to create this life that is entirely yours. You come home singing songs I've never heard before, talking about people I've never met and showing off new skills like reading. Reading! That usually leave me with my mouth hanging agape. Your love for school knows no bounds and your teacher has remarked to me several times that there is no one in the class more excited to be there every day than you. I know you're a little sad to leave kindergarten and, more importantly, your teacher behind, but you're excited to be moving onto first grade and full time public school attendance.

You love to read and there is always a stack of books on your bedside table, something that thrills me to no end. I enjoyed our time lying in your bed reading The Wizard of Oz. Even more, I love hearing you retell your favourite parts of the story to people. Your ability to recall the tiniest details is surprising and keeps your Dad and I on our toes. There is almost zero hope that you will forget anything we may say or do. One of your favourite things to tells us is, "I remember everything." And it often seems like you do.

You are a sweet, funny, compassionate little girl, who loves her family. You enjoy close relationships with the family that extends beyond your Dad, Maya and I. Tonight after a birthday dinner out, you spent some time planting potatoes and pumpkins with Papa. All things that later this year the two of you will harvest and enter to be judged at the fair. You share swimming lessons with Grandma Linda, horsey stuff with Grandma Sandi and shoes and fashion with Granny. There is so much more you share with so many more people. And we are all so lucky to be sharing this life with you. I love you more than you can possibly know.

Mom xo


Kaci said...

What a sweet post!! There's no end to a mothers love for sure.

just me said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!

L Sass said...

What a great post.

Happy Birthday, Abby!

Suze's Sass said...

Happy Birthday Abby Girl!

Karen said...

Sigh. Beautiful.

Shan said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.