Monday, June 30, 2008

Ever wonder how you tell if your toddler has had a good day? This is often a very good indicator.

Before the Relay for Life I bought a can of Coppertone's Continuous Spray sunscreen and I immediately fell in love. It was so easy to apply on myself and on the kids. I couldn't shut up about how it was the greatest thing ever invented. Then I ran out. In a week. When a bottle of regular sunscreen lasts me the entire summer that's a little hard to swallow. I don't our current budget is willing to support a $12 a week sunscreen habit.

Is there a Mom out there who isn't struggling with the laundry? Check out these laundry tips from my new favourite blog Tip Nut.

Blog I'm enjoying lately: Thoughts of a Smother Mother. For the record I'm with her on the romantic getaways. They're nice, but there comes a point when I'm just ready to be back home.

Monster Sale is going on at The Children's Place. We were there today so Abby could pick out some summer gear at excellent prices. Shorts, shirts and tees were working out to $5 ish a piece. And since she's been out of school for 5 minutes it seemed like the perfect time to pick up a backpack for next year. I will give her this, the kid has style and an eye for quality. This is definitely a better constructed backpack then the Strawberry Shortcake one that I picked out for her last year. The same one that the lining ripped within the first month. Also purchased, the matching lunch bag. Please stay tuned for pictures of her new summer hat and shades!

I love this twist on fingerpainting. I'm thinking it would look really great in my "office" whenever Mike gets around to finishing up the paint job he started in here.


Merry said...

I like the continuous spray sunscreen as well. I've been using the "Fruit of the Earth" sunscreen that is slightly cheaper than the Coppertone. You might want to try that. I am willing to splurge on more sunscreen b/c if it is easier, I am more likely to use it. The reason mine lasts all summer is b/c I'm constantly going..."Nah, I don't need it" just because I don't want it on my hands.

Julie said...

I was about to buy that spray Coppertone. Thanks for the heads up. $12 a bottle that lasts a week isn't in my budget either! Who does??

Thanks so much for including me in Linky Love this week. I am honored! I never know who is out there reading the blog. It's nice to know that a few people other than family and friends are getting something out of it!

shan said...

I am so with you on the spray sunscreen--we had a can that lasted a day. Yup. One whole day. It was one great day of sunscreen application, though.

We now have bottles of regular lame old lotion because our budget can't bear keeping us in spray all summer.

Shan said...

Merry - Very good point and thanks for the tip. I actually have some of the fine mist formula. It's a pump spray that goes on pretty thin. You still have to rub it in, but it's a lot easier than the "original". So I'll probably stick with that and keep my eye out for sales for the continuous spray.

Julie - No problem. I wish I had known before I bought it. It's hard to give up once you know how awesome it is. And you're very welcome for the linky love. I enjoy my visits, but that isn't surprising. Any friend of Karen's is alright by me:)

Shan - Well I guess I did a little better than you with it. But I can see how it could very easily go in one day.