Sunday, June 29, 2008

i'm not sure which is worse

Part of my birthday present from Grandma Linda and Papa this year was a new bathing suit. A tankini, the top of which is a print that is a bit zebra-ish. This past weekend I wore it for the first time.

Me: (to Mike) How do you like my new suit?
Mike: It's nice. I like it.
Me: I look like a fat zebra.*
Abby: You don't look like a zebra Mommy.
Me: Aww that's sweet.
Abby: Yeah, you look like an old lady.

*For the record I wasn't aware Abby was even listening to us otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned the "f" word. Also I really do love my suit, but who among us ladies doesn't have bathing suit issues to one degree or another?


I really want to buy a swimsuit this year, but I need some serious structure. There's old lady va-va-va-voom and there's OLD LADY. :) I might stay with my frayed tank for one more year.
Thanks for the laugh. I'm sure Abby meant "old lady" in the nicest possible way.....what way that would be I can't really help you with but still. :)

Gotta love kids!