Sunday, June 29, 2008

i'm not sure which is worse

Part of my birthday present from Grandma Linda and Papa this year was a new bathing suit. A tankini, the top of which is a print that is a bit zebra-ish. This past weekend I wore it for the first time.

Me: (to Mike) How do you like my new suit?
Mike: It's nice. I like it.
Me: I look like a fat zebra.*
Abby: You don't look like a zebra Mommy.
Me: Aww that's sweet.
Abby: Yeah, you look like an old lady.

*For the record I wasn't aware Abby was even listening to us otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned the "f" word. Also I really do love my suit, but who among us ladies doesn't have bathing suit issues to one degree or another?


Renae du jour said...

I really want to buy a swimsuit this year, but I need some serious structure. There's old lady va-va-va-voom and there's OLD LADY. :) I might stay with my frayed tank for one more year.

Merry said...

Thanks for the laugh. I'm sure Abby meant "old lady" in the nicest possible way.....what way that would be I can't really help you with but still. :)

Gotta love kids!