Saturday, June 28, 2008

hodge podge

Well tonight should have found me in the backyard at the Fifth Annual Roast Your Weenie Event, but for the first time in it's long and distinguished history we had to call it on account of rain. And of course it ended up not raining. What are the odds?

Roast Your Weenie started out small, but it's been growing in popularity. It is the ultimate night for this hostess with the mostess since it requires me to do very little at all in the way of preparation. It's hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire. We'll supply the food and the roasting sticks, you take care of the rest. Originally it started it out as a work thing for Michael, but every year I think about tinkering with the formula.

Since we suddenly found ourselves with no plans, Robin invited us over for Chinese and the opportunity for Michael to unleash his inner Rock God with some RockBand. Turns out endless years of air guitar and air drums don't exactly translate well to the "real thing". My man can sing though, ninety something percent on Wanted Dead or Alive.

I saved myself some embarrassment and didn't even attempt RockBand, but y'all know if they had a Nashville Star edition I would have kicked it, old school.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I was there. I have proudly completed the "easy" level on Rock Band. We could all go on tour. I'd play the guitar, Mike could sing and you could, well play the tambourine :)