Monday, June 16, 2008

spreading the linky love #17

I'm forever on the look out for great ideas for the Cool Mom Campaign and this one from Widney Woman totally hits the mark. Abby would go nuts for this idea.

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? Yes? No? Okay don't hate me, but I am already well into my holiday shopping for the year. And these little recycled pop can ornaments are so cute. Oh boy do I love Etsy!

Speaking of Etsy, I had my very first Etsy sale not long ago. The fact that it was from one of my blogging BFF's that Sassy Suzel is completely irrelevant.

My brother is still out in the Wild West of Canada playing movie maker and blogging every day. Go read about how he crossed paths with a bear yesterday.

Blog I'm loving these days: Tip Nut

I'm going to close out the linky love with a Relay For Life Update. As a part of a team, this coming Friday (June 20th) I will be walking in a 12 hour relay to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. I have set a personal fundraising goal of $250, and a team goal of $1000. To date I have raised $190 and at last check our team has raised $1510. One goal met! If you'd like to help me meet my goals, click this link to reach the Canadian Cancer Society's secure donation site, select pledge a participant and search on my name, Shannon Revill.


Kaci said...

Those cans are really cool!!

Leah said...

super duper cute family fun night idea! We do family fun night every friday, but it's never been THEMED before. I'm loving it! We just pick a movie, pile in front of the TV and eat dinner, then have some sort of treat afterwards (popcorn, usually, or popcicles), then as we get ready for bed, we talk about our fav parts of the movie or whatever other topic might come up as a result. The theme thing could be REALLY REALLY fun!!