Sunday, June 15, 2008

storm watch

Wow here I was already to post about what a fabulous Father's Day I had with the Dads in my life when the skies opened up and began dumping tremendous amounts of water on us. Oh and hail. Did I mention the hail. You should have heard the racket it was making hitting the house. Hands down, the biggest hail I've ever seen in my life. The power has been flashing on and off and with this brand new computer I feel a lot safer with it turned off and unplugged. These crazy rain storms we've been experiencing of late have me a teensy bit freaked out about all kinds of things, like the giant tree right outside Abby's bedroom window. So I'm off to shut this machine down, check on my children, stare worryingly out the window at the rain for a while and maybe, finally get some sleep.


Leah said...

I hope you all stayed warm and dry!

Kaci said...