Thursday, June 26, 2008

there was kung fu fighting

So far the holidays have been nothing to write home about. Granted the Relay took a day or two to get over. My thigh muscles were protesting for quite some time. And Abby had school to finish up. Really we've just been chilling around the house. Which is fine with me, but Mike has these moments were he moans about all the time we're "wasting". Of course he never has any suggestions as to what we should be doing instead.

Today was our big day out with Abby. While Maya napped at the sitters we hit up the theatre to see Kung Fu Panda. Boy, how did a little afternoon at the movies get to be so darn expensive? We were in for nearly $50 by the time the credits rolled. Ouch. Abby, of course loved it. Although she did request that I "hold her hand the entire time" on the way in. Which I did until she got used to the dark and no longer needed my services. She was thrilled to see the trailer for the upcoming Madagascar 2. I have to admit I was too, I loved the first one. Hoover Dam, I love those Penguins! Mike hadn't heard great things about KFP, so he was surprised that he enjoyed it as much as he did. As for Abby she's already requested we purchase it on dvd when it's available.

After the movie we hit up the clearance section of Chapter's. Abby had a great time book shopping. I love that my girls love books. This was Abby's first time shopping at the book mega store that I love so much. The clearance section in Children's Books was huge. Almost too big for Abby. She must have changed her mind a dozen times. In the end she didn't pick any books. Settling instead for a plastic dinosaur from the same line of plastic horses she's been collecting. They are German, I believe and are incredibly detailed model/toys. Since they're solid rubber (I guess really) they are great for going in the pool and bath tub. We did pick up the Secret Garden to read as one of our next read together books. After we finish up the Scarlett Fairy and The Velveteen Rabbit. She also helped pick out a book for Maya. A lift the flap book about farm animals that Maya loves. I've already read it to her half a dozen times.

Of course I may have picked up a book or two for myself. Like I need more, but I cannot resist, especially when the prices are so great. I ended up with over $90 worth of books for a mere $32.50. How sweet is that? Plus Maya's book was free with their buy three get the fourth free deal on until the 30th. Then we came home and tortured Maya by trying to put her in the pool. It did not go over well. Never willing to take the easy route that kid.

It was a pretty perfect day really.


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Ohhhh...the Velveteen Rabbit - breaks my heart! I read it again a little while ago after having not reading it for years and I was surprised at how SAD it was!! Jeez! As a kid I just remember that it explained why my little "Leo" was real and why, now, little "Hippo" is real, too. ;-)

Do you know about the movie theatre down in Burlington that has kids movies on for FIVE BUCKS?! Huge deal! Movies are so expensive now (and we've gotten wise about the snacks, too...and sneak those in in my purse).

When are you and Mike going away? Or, did you?

just me said...

I just happened to pick up the secret garden movie not to long ago.

Shan said...

Normie - thanks for the heads up about the movie theatre. We certainly be checking it out. I think we might try the drive in this summer as well. Our little getaway has been put off until next month.

Mom - Great, we can have movie night afterwards.

Leah said...

I've heard that movie is fantastic! We're cheapo's though (for the specific reason of the $50+ expense of going) and wait until they come out on DVD and rent. Then we make a big production of popcorn and candy and turn up the TV loud (to simulate theater volume...ha ha ha) and call it good. I'm glad to hear it got another seal of approval; we'll look forward to seeing it in a few months! LOL

and hurray for cheap books! LOVE IT

Betsy said...

I almost can't wait for my daughters to be old enough. Almsot. Its that 50 bucks that gets me too. But I am sure wothre it, when you see how happy they are!!

Shan said...

Leah - we are too, usually. Once a year we figure is a nice treat. Now that Normie let me in on the $5 theatre it may happen more often. Personally I like at home movie nights. Let's me make it into even more of a big deal. And cheap books rock!!

Betsy - yes it's worth every penny!