Wednesday, June 25, 2008

graduation day

Who knew two years could go by so fast. It seems like just a minute ago I was standing in the rain holding back tears while Miss Abby scampered up on the big yellow bus without so much as a backwards glance. Now here we are, school is out and Abby is one short summer away from being a bona fide first grader. Yep my baby girl is a graduate of the kindergarten program. An experience that came with grad photos (with cap and gown), diplomas and a graduation ceremony (with handmade grad caps).

The ceremony took place after the second nutrition break, so the kids were able to file in to the classroom after all the parents, grandparents and siblings had been settled. The place was packed, but we were lucky to get window seats and avoid sitting in those tiny little chairs they have in there. Granny, however, was not so lucky and got stuck sitting up front in a doll sized chair. Which worked out fine for me because if she was any closer in proximity I likely would have bawled my way through the entire thing. Thankfully I managed to hold it together, somewhat anyway.

IMG_2218 (2)

After a few really adorable songs the kids all took a turn saying what their favourite thing about SK was. Abby said it was having Miss M as her teacher. Awwww. Then the teacher brought each child forward and read a little speech she'd prepared about them. To paraphrase, she said Abby was the cheerleader of the classroom and what ever activity or task had been assigned Abby always declared it the best thing she'd ever done in her entire life. She said Abby was her feel good child and she wished she could have one of her in every class. Also she was always quick to compliment someone. Insert big proud Mommy smile *here*.

After we made it through the rest of the class it was time for the reception. I had made, at Abby's request, Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes and by the time I had walked from one side of the classroom to the other all the Cookie Monsters were gone and only a few Elmo's were left hanging around. Not that they lasted much longer. There was nothing but empty trays for me to take home. We chatted with a few parents and snapped some pictures of Abby with her friends and poured over the amazing scrapbook her teacher has been working on for them all year.


Including this picture that is way more amazing in person. Her teacher was nice enough to have it enlarged to 8X10 because as she so rightly suggested, we were going to want to frame it.

And then there was the end of the year report card. Which says a lot of stuff, mainly that Abby is right where she should be. I'll tell you the thing that made me most proud of all this very hard Mommy work I do around here to ensure I'm raising a lovely person. That Abby consistently demonstrates a sense of identity, a positive self image, independence, self-regulation, a willingness to take responsibility in learning and other activities, and she can identify and use social skills in play and other contexts. Another comment that made me smile was; Abby demonstrates a solid understanding of herself as an artist. Which doesn't really surprise me in the least. She is endlessly drawing, colouring, constructing things out of toilet paper rolls and feathers all while singing songs that she's learned in choir or heard on the radio.

I have to admit I'm more than a little sad to be leaving kindergarten behind. It's no secret that I triple love Abby's teacher. She is one amazing lady and Abby was so lucky to have her. I wonder how Abby will do being in school full time. While she continue to love it as much as she is now? I wonder how I will do with Abby being in school full time. New teacher, new principal.... so much to worry about before September. It's just like being back in school myself. I'm sure my anxiety about the first day of school will be at record high levels by mid August. And here I thought all of that was behind me, who knew it was going to come back, but worse? This Mom thing is quite the adventure.


Julie said...

What a beautiful picture of Abby. I can only imagine the pride that you must of had during the ceremony, hearing what a wonderful little person Abby is and reading her report card. It's not often that moms get the feedback about how great a job they are doing raising little people. I so happy for you that Abby's teacher took the opportunity to let you know.

Merry said...

Awwww!!!! Congrats Abby on graduating from Kindergarten. They grow up too fast! I can't believe how fast! Have a great summer with Abby & Maya. I'm sure you will find so many ways to have a great time & to keep helping them on their road to greatness. You are a great mommy!

Leah said...

I 100% know the emotions you're going through right now as we just went through it a week ago. It truly is bittersweet, isn't it? Those home-made grad caps were cute, and that picture of Abby is ADORABLE!!!!

Angela said...

Yes you should be a very proud Mommy!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

I tried to post before, but it didn't go through.

I just wanted to say that the picture of Abby is just beautiful! Miss M took that? And, the ceremony was so sweet and it was all so much more than I expected. I heard she spend 240 hours getting everything ready! She is such a dedicated teacher and I am so amazed at how much the kids have learned in 2 short years with her. Maddie is reading on her own and can spell so many words it's just incredible.

I'm very lucky that Jamie gets to have her in the fall, too...although I am not looking forward to putting her on that bus.

Congrats on the great report card, Abby and congrats to you, Shan, for raising such a happy, sweet, smart girl. Did you notice how Abby *beamed* throughout the whole ceremony? :)

Shan said...

Julie - thanks, it is an amazing picture. And yes it was just about heart busting pride. I'm thankful she did as well. She truly is an amazing teacher.

Merry - Thanks, it's crazy how fast this has gone. It seems like forever still until Maya starts school, but I know it will be here before I know it.

Leah - it's something special isn't it?

Angela - thanks, I really am.

Normie - yeah she did. It was one of the first things both her and her Mom said to me... did you see the picture. Yeah she is amazing. Lucky you, you get her next year as well. We've got a two year wait now, 2010 for Maya. And yeah I'd say she was beaming. So glad she sent those dvds too now we can relive it whenever we'd like!

darlene said...

wow, love that picture of her, totally amazing!!