Sunday, July 20, 2008

claiming a victory in the name of wii

For about a month or so I have been trying to talk Mike into buying a Wii gaming system. An idea he has been less than receptive too. He'd much rather buy a xbox 360 so he can be reunited with the Master Chief of Halo fame. What is it with boys and Halo? Can anyone explain because I do not get it?


I have been running my Wii campaign on the following platform; I think it will bring another layer of great fun to Family Game Night. I like that it isn't a hardcore gaming system. Meaning some of the more senior members of our family could play along. Plus everyone looks like they're having such a great time when they're playing it. Judging from all the pictures/blog posts I've seen regarding it anyway.

Mike has remained unconvinced. Poo pooing it as a "children's game" that he has no interest in. And then tonight after a dollar store shopping spree, where Abby spent some of her allowance on glow bracelets, we ended up playing some Mario Kart at the local electronics store. It was the first time either one of us had even tried the system, although I had suggested renting on to give it a whirl. If they even do that anymore. (Remember when you could rent VCR's at the video store? For my locals.... remember the video station?)

And guess who liked it?

Liked it enough to inquire about the selection of games suitable for Abby's age group. At which point the on commission salesperson made sure to stress that Wii is a not a hardcore gaming system, but rather a family fun sort of system.

Liked it enough to inquire about the price. At which point the on commission salesperson told Mike there were 6 in stock and he'd be happy to go get one for us.

Luckily we were saved by the bell or rather a frantic looking woman who barged right into our little sales pitch and immediately demanded a system of her own.

So we didn't buy a system tonight, although it was tempting. I think we all get into those gotta have it now mindsets sometimes. We have discussed and likely will "ask Santa" to bring the family one for Christmas. And victory will be mine! Can't wait.

Anybody out there have one? How much do you love it?


Karen said...

I'm back! I missed you!

Okay, Wii. I love it. We don't have one though but Mike and Cibele do and every time we're there, Emily is begging to play. I haven't tried Wii Fit yet but I plan to next time I'm at their house. Wii has come out with a cooking game that I can't wait to rent for the next time we go over. I know Emily will go crazy for that (okay, so will I). Beth and Graeme have one too (they co-own it with friends) and love Dance Dance Revolution. I look forward to trying that too. I hope you get one so I can live vicariously through you. Our tv and tv area is too small to justify getting one ourselves.

Wow, you can tell I've been away. I just can't stop typing!

Melissa said...

We have a Wii. We LOVE IT. Everyone in the family can play. My son is 6 and stepdaughter is 13
and they both love it. You can even make your own avatar to play some games for you. Fun for the whole family!

Julie L-B said...

Shan, I had to resort to Ebay and pay more because you can't get one down here. We love it. My daughter can play it by herself...she loves the Hannah Montana one. I don't have a bunch of games because of the cost, but she loves the ones she has. I actually like the Hannah Montana one too!!!!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Which is the one you can play that "Guitar Hero" thing on? Is this it? My B and S-I-L have that and while I've never had the chance to play Dave and the girls did and they LOVED it. Jamie was playing the drums and was really good at they all tell me. Sounds like fun. And the Wii Fit thing sounds intriguing...I'll have to look it up.

Merry said...

We have a Wii and an Xbox 360 (my husband is a bit of an uber geek). I love the Wii. I even have the Wii Fit. I haven't used it much since I've gone back to work but I hope to in the future when we get into some kind of routine. The sports games it comes with are fun. My family LOVES bowling. Everyone gets into the fun (except Evan that is). Though we do have an Evan Mii (character) b/c one of Will and Nicole's favorite things to do is to make Miis. Long story short, you'll love it!

Suze's Sass said...

Love it love it love it. Can you tell I love it? The Wii play package is fun for the whole family. Tennis is my favorite. I have Wii fitness - which I haven't really played yet. Just got done Mario Kart and it's a great game. Fun for the whole family Shan.

Come on Mike - please buy the Wii!!!

Also, you're very lucky they had so many in stock. Over here it's tricky to find any.

Shan said...

Karen - missed you too, glad you're home! I am intrigued by Wii Fit as well. It all just sounds like so much fun.

Melissa - that's good to know as Abby is the same age.

Jules - Yeah they aren't easy to come by here either. Which is why buying it last night was so tempting. Abby has only recently discovered Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus so I'm sure she'd love that as well.

Normie - Guitar Hero is available on all the gaming systems, but if they were playing the drums that would be Rock Band. Mike's more interested in GH though. If all goes according to plan expect some Wii Night invites over the winter.

Merry - That will be us as well, a 360 and a Wii. I'm telling you it's all about the Halo 3. I'd like to give the Wii Fit a try. I think it will be fun for our extended family too. Especially over the winter.

Suze - I loved Mario Kart! Just from the few minutes I played it in the store. So much fun, even with the on commission sales guy breathing down my neck. Boy does Christmas seem a long way away.

Betsy said...

Ok, we have one, LOVE IT!!! Play it all the time!! Seriously. Mario kart, fun. Wii fit pad, fun. Carnival games, fun. My dh also has a membership for gamefly (like netflix for games) so we get ALOT of games we try and then return and buy later! Anyway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ours. Even the two year old gets a time playing with daddy.