Monday, July 07, 2008

spreading the linky love #20

Now here's a bbq that tells it like it is.

Jenny McCarthy vs Jim Carrey - Who would look better in a black one piece bathing suit?

It appears that felt play food is all the rage these days. And I can see why, this little birthday cake is so pretty I want one for myself. Oh, or this one that you can "decorate" yourself. So cute! I think Abby would love it.

Leah found out you're never too old to learn new things.

Okay so by this point if you're even a semi regular reader you are well aware that I think rainbows come out of my brother's butt. Oh and he has a social conscious bigger than most. Oh and he's planning to ride his bike 1000 km around Lake Ontario later this summer. Oh and if you happen to be in the Peterborough area this weekend (July 12 & 13) please head to the Hippy Chippy fry truck where 100% of the proceeds from "large fries" are going to support the Ride For Africycle 2.0. Read all the latest on Dave and the crew here, including an exciting Citizen of the Year announcement.

As it turns out the wonderful Widney Woman and I share the same laundry problems. Does everybody hate the folding? This afternoon instead of folding clothes like I should have been doing I made better use of my time and hung out poolside with my newest bestest bud, The Mommy Project, who hates the folding too. Apparently it's becoming an epidemic.


Kellan said...

My twins now do the laundry folding - WOO HOO!!! And the putting away of the laundry - WOO HOO!! You got some girls that will one day help you too - just wait!!

Take care, Shan - see you - Kellan

just me said...

we are all painted with the same brush.....Laundry baskets, they multiply when you sleep aaaacckk!!

Leah said...

I just love your linky posts. Especially when I'm included. ha!

Those little cakes are ADORABLE!!

I have some laundry issues as well. I clean, I dry, I very often fold. The folded laundry gets stacked neatly into baskets depending on whose room they will go in. and then we live out of baskets from that point on, because then I've run out of time to do any putting away and life happens and WHATEVER. At least it's all clean, right?

Kaci said...


Shan said...

Kellan - that's great news. I can't wait!

Mom - yes it sure does.

Leah - I know, they are adorable. I am really considering them for Abby. Maya would love some felt food as well. She loves to play "kitchen".

Kaci - aren't they?

Widney Woman said...

OMG!! You linked to me. Wow! Imagine my surprise as I scrolled through your blog, getting caught up on the last week. FYI...I have not tackled the basket in the bedroom, and now I have 2 laundry hampers overflowing from weekend guests!