Wednesday, July 09, 2008

tiny moments - family game night

Part of Abby's birthday gift this year was Scrabble Junior. Mike and I both love Scrabble and I have been waiting to be able to add it to our Family Game Night rotation.

Here Abby is helpfully helping Daddy plan out his next move.


A decision she later "regretted" when he was done kicking our butts.


Widney Woman said...

Family Game Night! What fun!!

J refuses to play games with me because he plays for the fun of it. I play to win. He says I strategize and take the fun out of it for him. God bless him, he does not have a competitive bone in his body. Clearly, Mike has a few competitive bones as he has no problem beating a darling little girl and her beautiful mother at Scrabble!

Kaci said...

How fun! Jon and I love Scrabble...Jon is terrible at spelling but some how manages to still beat me.

Roxie said...

We used to play with a regular board, but kids got double points for anything they spelled. Hooray for you!

Leah said...

how fun! We don't have that game, but I'll have to looking into adding it to our stash!

Shan said...

Widney - Yeah I would say he does. I wouldn't say we actively try and beat Abby, but when it happens I think it's a good opportunity to teach her about being gracious in defeat.

Kaci - It's all about how you work the board.

Roxie - That's a good idea for when Abby gets to be a bit better at spelling.

Leah - it was so much fun. I do recommend it.