Sunday, August 03, 2008

don't quote me #3 - the results show

We have a winner and surprisingly enough it's not Karen. Although she did give it her very best shot and didn't miss by much. Congratulations to Sam who got all 10 right. Please drop me an email so I can get your info and send the fabulous prize your way. And without further ado, the answers...

Movie #1: Footloose
Boy if you only knew how many times I've watched this movie. That's when my love affair with Kevin Bacon began. On a totally unrelated note, wasn't he great when he guest starred on Will & Grace? Remember the angry dance sequence after the fight with his Uncle? When he was by himself in that factory? Okay hold that thought, it will be important in a minute.

Movie #2: Hot Rod
I am not a movie snob. In fact I ask very little of the movies I see. I just want to be entertained. This one made me laugh my butt off. If you're a fan of the 40 Year old Virgins, the Knocked Ups, the Wedding Crashers, the Superbads of the movie world then I highly recommend Hot Rod. Oh and remember that angry dance sequence from Footloose? They recreate it. Funniest thing ever! I thought Mike was going to need oxygen.

Movie #3: Ocean's Thirteen
What can I say? I am a sucker for the George Clooney/Brad Pitt combo. I am even willing to let that whole Angelina thing go for the 122 minutes it takes me to watch it. Yes I know just about everything in these movies is highly unlikely, but they all just sell it so well. Plus as an ensemble they rock. Every last one of them.

Movie #4: Bee Movie
Abby got this for her birthday and has watched it about 27 times since. She really enjoyed this one and quotes large sections of dialogue from it.

Movie #5: Back to the Future
Another classic from my "childhood". On a related note, on our first date Mike and I saw Back the the Future 2. That was a whole lot of years ago. That doesn't stop Mike from still doing a bad impression of Christoper Lloyd as Doc.

Movie #6: Thelma & Louise
This was the first time I had ever seen people stand up in a movie theatre and applaud when the movie was over. Also my very first taste of a very yummy Brad Pitt.

Movie #7: Zoolander
Also a sucker for the Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson combo. What can I say? Funny is hawt.

Movie #8: Scent of a Woman
Who-ah! Great movie. Al Pacino at his very best.

Movie #9: E.T.
Another classic I need to share with Abby. Who among us didn't love ET and a very young Drew Barrymore when it came out?

Movie #10: The Little Mermaid
One of my Disney favourites. And Abby's too of course. Great music.


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Ahhh...I totally missed out on the guessing. But, that's okay...I only would have gotten about 3 right, I think. I've ~seen~ more than 3 of them, but I just suck at this game.
(p.s. I haven't gotten over the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie thing enough to enjoy any of his movies)

Sam said...

Can't seem to get the email me link to work. Here is mine.

But wow, I guess watching movies pays off. ;)