Saturday, August 02, 2008

tiny moment - grandma linda's birthday cake

Tomorrow is Grandma Linda's birthday, but we celebrated it earlier this week so Abby wouldn't miss out on the party. Although being in the middle of a rushed and busy week I'm not sure you could necessarily call it a party. Papa ended up having to work. Grandma Linda showed up with her own cake and a used one at that. And we actually forgot to sing happy birthday. Something I didn't realize until about an hour and a half ago. And now I have a headache.

*note to self - make sure Grandma Linda's birthday is kick ass next year!

What more can I say about Grandma Linda that I haven't already said. She is an amazing lady. This family could not function without her. She deserves the best of everything! Happy birthday, Grandma Linda. We love you!!

Now back to the cake. It was an ice cream cake and, of course, it was frozen. It never occurred to me that Maya may need some help with it, but as they say necessity is the mother of invention.



Melissa said...

Good for her! I'm glad she enjoyed it- great shot!

Julie said...

That's the way I like to eat too! Too funny.

How's being Abby-less?