Saturday, August 09, 2008

extra extra read all about it - abby is home

Well after a long day of waiting, Abby finally flew, crying, into my arms at around 4 this afternoon. That may have been the longest week of both our lives. Abby couldn't hug us hard enough or long enough. She couldn't get words out of her mouth fast enough. Eight days is a long time to make up for it seems. A very exhausted Granny and TLP made a somewhat hasty exit and left us to our welcome home Abby lovefest.

As much as Abby was happy to be home she was quite clearly exhausted as well and the stories coming from her slowed rather quickly. Soon she was nothing more than my shadow as I tried to make dinner with her tucked up under my arm. She claimed she was even to tired to get in the tub, but I insisted on a quick wash. She wanted to go to church tomorrow (we'll see if she wakes up in time) and I wasn't letting her go with a weeks worth of cottaging all over her.

As I tucked her into her very own bed tonight we did manage to squeeze in a little home from the cottage interview.


Q:What was the best part of the cottage?
A: Coming home!

Q: Did you have a lot of fun or a little fun?
A: A lot of fun except for the bad parts.

Q: What were the bad parts?
A: That there was no TV, no computer, no tub and no sink. And I don't even know where they wash the clothes. Is there a washing machine there?

Q: What did you do?
A: I made a craft, swam, had marshmallows and visited Uncle Dave.

Q: Did you see any animals?
A: No animals except a weasel.

Q: Where was the weasel?
A: Under the car.

Q: Would you go again?
A: No, I miss you too much.

Q: But you told Granny you would go again.
A: I changed my mind. Well I'd go if you came with me.

I am quite sure after a week or so she'll be asking me when Granny will be taking her back to the cottage. Well maybe three weeks, we have to get through horse camp next week. Tomorrow will have to be a total day of rest so she can get ready for another week of crafting, swimming and some horseback riding thrown in for good measure. I probably should have planned that out a bit better.


And one final mention, do you see the painted Princess on the picnic table there? TLP picked up one great craft project for the kids. It's a set of plaster Disney Princesses to paint. Something like that is right up Abby's alley. It was a perfect pick. I wished I had seen those myself. It would have gone right into my Christmas stash.


darlene said...

ahhh,that is so sweet, she missed her Mommy, wonder if she will still miss you at 14?

Leah said...

welcome home Abby! Glad you had a great time! I'm sure there are more stories to tell when you aren't so tired... LOL

Shan, I'm not breathing a word of horse camp to MY daughter, because I think my name would be MUD if she found out there were such things in existance and she wasn't signed up for it (I'm hoping cheer camp for three days this coming week is good enough!) LOL