Sunday, August 10, 2008

unleashing my inner rock star

Thanks to some stellar wheeling and dealing on Michael's part we are now the proud owners of Guitar Hero III. I know. I know. We're late catching on with the trend, but we're here now and what can I say? It's awesome!

I can honestly say I wasn't expecting to like it at all. It's not that I'm against video games. I'm just not great at them. I figured this would be too difficult for me to be able to play and enjoy. Turns out no. Apparently I have some sort of inner Rock Star I never knew about.

I have always thought it would be nice to know how to play an instrument. The guitar or piano being my first selections. It's safe to say at this point it's probably not going to happen. Not in the foreseeable future anyway. My plate is full enough. With Guitar Hero I can pretend that I can play. And really cool songs too. Like Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar. Loved her back in the day.

So it's been fun. Mike and I have been having loads of fun playing together. Passing the guitar back and forth and seeing who can outplay who. For the record I kicked his ass on Sunshine of My Love by Cream. To be fair he's been kicking my ass at every other song on the playlist, but that one song, I own!

Know what else Guitar Hero does? Makes me miss my brother. He's not a part of my day to day life. There's distance between us and it's only going to get wider. If not for that you bet we'd be having some wicked GH showdowns. And now he and Mel are headed off on an adventure that will take them to the other side of the world for 3 months. I miss them already. Ever logical Michael, helpfully, pointed out that we often go that long in between visits. Which is true, but I always know that in a relatively short amount of time they could be here or we could be there. And there's a certain amount of comfort in that for me. But allow me to put on my big girl panties here for a minute and say I am excited and happy that they are excited and happy about their big adventure in Europe. I have my fingers crossed that we will be able to squeeze in one last visit before they jet off in less than a months time. At which time I am sure both Dave and Mel with soundly kick my and Michael's respective asses at GH because they are actual rock stars.


Julie said...

First, Welcome Home Abby!! You're Mommy missed you more than you would ever know!

Second, love GH. Supposedly Rock Star is that much better. Haven't tried it yet. Tyring to find a friend that has it. But until then Rock On!

Cristan said...

My neighbors had a bunch of kids over to play, and after about 30 minutes all the parents (especially the dads) were hogging the Guitar fun!

Hope your brother has fun in Europe...but, it's hard to have a sibling across the pond.

Leah said...

I really need to get invited to someone's house who has that so I can try it for myself! And then I'd need for them to not be home so I didn't feel stupid in front of a crowd. LOL

I hope your brother has a safe trip and that the three months passes quickly

Kaci said...

I really wanna try that...I need to know more cool people! :)

Angela said...

I like that game even though blind people can't play it. Cool songs ya know.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now you definitely have to come visit. Not only do I have guitars, but the drums too!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Ohhhhh...congratulations! Sounds like you guys will be having a blast over there!
p.s. Welcome Home Abby!

Widney Woman said...

Thanks, Shan, now we are the last people to not own Guitar Hero. We don't own a Wii. We don't own any video game equipment or games. I'm sure this will cause our children to be developmentally delayed.