Friday, August 15, 2008

friday flashback - the purse edition with bonus meme

You cannot begin to imgine how much I loved that purse when I was a kid.


I'm only a tiny bit embarrassed to tell you that there is more than one picture of me showing off my beloved purse in the old family albums. I can't imagine what I needed to carry around in it. Barbie clothes perhaps? Some crayons? Wadded up kleenex? That's what my older and therefore more worldly cousin told me they did on TV to make it look like the actresses actually had something in their purses. Or did she say bras? I can't remember.

It seems kind of funny to me that I had such a love for that purse because I'm really not so much a purse girl. I will carry the same purse for years before it starts to bother me enough that I need to start looking for a new one. And all this is just a round about way of telling you that Leah tagged me for a meme about a hundred years ago. A purse meme that I just now got around to doing. Sorry Leah, I really have no excuse.


Today seemed a good day for it since my purse was full to bursting and in desperate need of a cleaning.


Wow! Did I ever have a lot of crap in my purse. See that pile there? That's nothing but trash. Old WalMart receipts, tons of flyers from the parade, grocery lists, my temporary organ donor card, an old hydro bill (why is that in there?), movie stubs, expired coupons, applications for the movie reward card (please notice that was plural. I pick one up whenever we go), and ticket stubs from the Backyardigans (that was like 5 months ago).

Then there was my wallet, sunglasses, Maya's sunglasses, grocery list book, Symbacort inhaler, reservation confirmation from the hotel we're staying at next week, my keys, extra memory card from my camera, a nickel, a hair elastic, Abby's lip gloss, Listerine Pocket pack and tin of Dale Earnhardt mints that's probably a year old.


In my wallet I keep no money, so don't ask for any. Pictures of my kids and Robin's kids. Health cards for girls and I. Bank card, discount card, credit card, movie rewards card (finally signed up for one, but did it online so all those applications really were useless). Current coupons and that's it really. I actually keep my wallet quite neat which is odd when my purse is such a disaster area. Although it is clean for now, goodness only knows how long it will last.

And for the tags...... How about this? Feel free to play along if you like. And maybe you'll let me know if you did so I can see what you're hiding in your purse.


darlene said...

oh i like this one Shan!!.....perhaps i just may play!! the pic of you where you were a WEE girl!!!

Leah said...

LOL Shan!! Thanks for playing along. Better late than never... LOL!!

My purse isn't in nearly the shape that it was at the time I did the original post. It truly was nicely organized. Now it's full of goodness only knows what. sigh...

Julie said...

I'm not a purse girl, don't carry one. Even now that I am a mom. I am always amazed by the huge bags that i see women carrying. What more do you need than your keys and wallet?