Thursday, August 14, 2008

same question every year

You know I tried to go to bed without doing this. In fact I was even up in bed and had to get up and come back down because I knew Kaffy would be here bright and early this morning looking for a recap. (Morning Kaffy! Have fun at work today. I'm going to miss you.)

This is my favourite time of year - Cactus Festival weekend. Please do not ask me why we are festivalling Cacti here in the frozen tundra, but we are. And with the Cactus Fest comes the Cactus Fest Parade and my very favourite old men. The ones that wear the short shorts. Shorts so short it begs the question.....

Why so short?

It's a mystery, but nobody I know who's seen the parade can talk about anything else than the short shorts. I mean check them out, could you talk about anything else?


Watching the parade we were growing concerned that perhaps the men in the short shorts were not going to be there. Then we figured, that they must be at the end of the parade because they truly are the Santa Claus of the Cactus Festival Parade. That's who we were all there to see. I'm sure it seems a little silly to the uninitiated, but let me tell you the pictures do not do the sea of pasty white thighs justice at all. It is a sight to behold.


The timing of their arrival was perfect, The sky had gotten dark, but the rain held off until the short shorts had passed us by. In retrospect we probably should have gone to Nancy's to wait it out a bit. The girls were soaked and cold in our long walk back to the van. Mom of the year that i am, I neglected to bring an umbrella or the girls rain coats even though there was a 60% chance of rain and these days that seems to mean you're guaranteed a torrential downpour at some point. Abby was a real trooper it didn't complain much at all, but she was a bit scared of the thunder and lightning plus the general feeling of chaos as lots of people were rushing back to their cars and homes.

As much as I love the short shorts, we all know the real reason we were there was to see Grandma Linda bang on her drums. Or rather bang her two sticks together. Either way we all cheered her on!



Julie said...

Cactus Fest? I'm a little perplexed by that one. And the short short? Holy white legs, batman! That's one crazy hickville you live in. ;-) You'd only see those kind of shorts on old men at Pride Week here!

Leah said...

pasty white thighs INDEED! That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture as well. LOL!! That's pretty funny!

Bummer about the rain, but it sounds like the girls had a good time anyway.

BTW, we've been watching the CBC channel around here (better olympic coverage in real-time, rather replayed in prime-time only like our own local stations) and I keep seeing this commercial mentioning something about how Canadians say "I'm sorry" a lot. What's that all about??? The subject has come up an awful lot around here lately. LOL

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Hey were just across the street from our old favourite haunt. Glad you had a good time at the parade (minus the cold and rain) - I've never seen it before, but we always go to the festivities on the weekend (I meet up with the rest of the gang after work). Did you see my girls there anywhere? They were there with their Grandma.

(I thought their legs looked pretty tanned. At least compared to mine, I guess. sob).

Leah - apparently we are a pretty polite bunch up here and we are always worried about hurting someone else's feelings...or upsetting someone else in any way...that sort of thing. So, we apologize a lot. But, I guess I should have let Shan answer that question. Sorry 'bout that.


Kristina said...

Oh my goodness! You are way too funny for your own good. If you ever get the answer to your perpetual question, please share it! I want to know who designed those shorts and who he/she was mad at!

Shan said...

Julie - Yeah we don't get it either. And the shorts, so funny. Maybe the march at Pride Week as well. I'll have to look into that.

Leah - And the step so high when they're marching. It's really something to see.

Where the heck do you live? Email me if you want about that one. And Normie is exactly right. We are exceedingly polite up here. For example if Normie bumped in to me I'd apologize to her for being in her way.

Normie - Funny thing... we never go on the weekend, but always go to the parade. Mike's usually busy all weekend working. Grandma Linda's been marching in her work drum corp for a few years now, so we always show up to cheer like crazy when she goes by. Maybe next year you can see the spectacle in person. And yes, they're legs are pretty tanned compared to mine as well. But pale is the new tan, so go us!!

Kristina - Awww you're making me blush. The funny thing is the band members get to wear long plants. It's just the flag bearers who have to wear the shorts. And you'd think just one of those older men would be like No Way!