Friday, August 29, 2008

friday flashback - that famous zipcode

In 1990, I was 17 and had been dating Michael for a year. So life was already pretty good. And our young love looked like.....


I know, right? We were totally cute.

I guess I was your typical 17 year old. I had the whole world figured out. I was definitely way more mature than most of my peers or so I thought. What could be more perfect for a girl of that age than a teenage soap opera in prime time? Well judging by the way my friends and I watched the hell out of Beverly Hills 90210, not much. Oh my gosh, the endless conversations about Brenda, Kelly and Donna. What they wore, their hair and of course which one was our favourite. Should Dylan pick Brenda or Kelly? Or were Kelly and Brandon soulmates? Should Donna sleep with David? And why was her Mom such a hard ass? Such cutting edge drama when you're 17.

And the best part? It's Back!! Oh that's right baby, 90210 is back. Now I would have tuned in for the title alone, but tell me that Brenda and Kelly (it would have been awesome if they'd been able to work out a deal for Donna too) are back and I am making an evening out of it. We're talking an early bedtime for the kids so I can ensure a two hour time slot of no interruptions for the premiere on Tuesday.

What about you? Were you a 90210 fan back in the day? Will you be watching the updated version? I'm interested to see what's considered racy for a teenage soap now compared to a decade or two ago. I can only imagine how vastly different it will be.


darlene said...

omg!!! guys dont even look the same!!!! the pics though....very cool!!....

Karen said...

I was a big, big fan, although I started to watch after it had been on a while, quite a while actually. I started to watch when I was in third year university, probably when there was only 4 or 5 years left in the show.

I loved it though.

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

That is so funny. I think the exact opposite of Darlene! I think you guys look the *exact* same! Dave even saw the picture and I said, "that's Mike and Shan when Shan was 17" and he said, "You're kidding. I thought that was a recent picture. They haven't changed at all". :)

I watched 90210, but I wasn't as obsessed with it as you were I guess. ;-) Maybe I was watching "Moonlighting" that night. :)

Leah said...

Now I'm laughing at Darlene's comment because I think you guys really havent' changed all that much!! LOL

I was a big fan as well, but not for the entire span. I missed the first little bit because of a mother who felt that show was too grown up for me, and then got into other things and didn't watch much of the last seasons, but I was a FAN somewhere in the middle! LOL

I'm sure I'll tune it and check it out. Goodness knows I need more prime-time drama to watch at night. LOL! Good stuff to fold laundry to!

Cristan said...

Oh I was in the same "grade" as the gang. I didn't watch the 1st season because it was over-hyped and I refused to watch "on principal" LOL.

Anyway, I was in 10th grade, and I'm sure my mom wouldn't have let me, anyway!

We always watch the SO looking forward, and have the DVR set, just in case I miss something!

Widney Woman said...

Your outfit looks like something from the original 90210.

I loved 90210, the early years. I stopped watching the later years. But I have already set the DVR to record the new show. I wish Tori Spelling was going to be there - I actually got into her reality show this summer.

Shan said...

Darlene - I was trying to find a picture from Papa and Grandma Linda's wedding... we look like babies there. Mike would likely kill me if I posted it though:)

Karen - I didn't watch every episode as it got closer to the end. I enjoyed watching it on TVTropolis when I was home with Maya. It coincided nicely with her afternoon feeding.

Normie - Okay tell Dave he is my new best friend. Works out great actually, I have an opening now that Auntie Yoli is ditching me. I watched Moonlighting periodically. Love Bruce Willis.

Leah - I think I love you!

Cristan - Great glad I'll have a couple of someones to discuss with.

Widney - It's those shoulder pads. I'm kind of sorry they went out of style because I LOVED that jacket.