Saturday, August 30, 2008

once again wondering where they come up with this stuff

We are in the van on the way home after a somewhat disastrous family outing. Mike and Abby are arguing and I am attempting to referee.

And then from the back seat Abby says to me.....

You should have asked if he was going to be mean to his children before you married him!


LOL!!!! I could totally see that conversation happening with my family....
LOL- that was hysterical!
now that IS FUNNY!!!
No way! That's hilarious. That's something an adult would say. She cracks me up!
Ooooo good one...although I'm sure hubby didn't like it. Have a good weekend!
NO WAY!!!! That's about the funniest thing I've heard lately!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH! That is TOO funny!! Ya, I'm sure Mike wasn't too thrilled with that comment...but, still, it's pretty darn funny. ;-)

{Don't worry, Mike...we know you are actually a really nice guy!}

Wise beyond her years, that little Abby.
LOL! That is awesome. Definate must ask for my next marriage!! LOL!
Oh my gosh, you guys. It was so funny! It really deflated the whole disastrous family outing energy, though so that was helpful. I said to Mike that may be the smartest thing I've ever heard out of a six year old!
OMG, that is too funny. And something my Abby would totally say.