Sunday, August 31, 2008

sham? wow!

Friday night Abby was off at a sleepover with Grandma Sandi so we decided to do something we rarely do with Maya.... take her out. I mean, sure, we take her out. Despite what Kaffy thinks, we don't keep her in a cage. Although some days that would be easier. (Little girl.... BIG temper)

[aside]Remind me to tell you about today's temper tantrum. It was fun.[/aside]

No, what I mean is we took just her out. Well us and Grandma Linda and Papa because you need that many hands around if you're going to let Maya loose on the unsuspecting public. We're staring down the barrel of Fall and that means the Fair season is about to go into full swing, starting with the Paris Fair. Since the collective family is so busy during our local fair working with the various committees we're associated with it was nice to be able to wander aimlessly around checking things out without be worried about getting back to whatever post you're supposed to be manning.

So we checked out the goats...


Who checked out Maya's toes....


Which Maya did not like. At all.


We introduced Maya to cows, some ducks (or quacks in Maya talk), giant chickens and roosters. We looked at some art, bought a raffle ticket and some fudge. We let Maya explore the giant parking blocks....


Checked out the classic car show....


A pinto wagon. Who knew? The only thing that made us scratch our heads more was the Mini Cooper van/SUV type thing.

We had ice cream and lemonade, but no mini donuts.....


But all that pales in comparison to seeing the Sham Wow demonstration live! The commercials on TV play with such regularity I warned Mike that I could feel myself getting pulled in. The desire to purchase a Sham Wow set was getting stronger everyday. Not strong enough that I was reaching for the phone. Not yet anyway. So we're getting ice cream and the guy is starting his pitch. Michael sets himself up front and center. There had been some discussion that evening about the spilled pop on the carpet between the four of us. And whether or not the Sham Wow claims were true. There seemed to be a suspicious editing cut in Grandma Linda's eyes.

I was still busy getting Maya settled with her ice cream when the spilled pop/carpet part of the pitch began, but Michael knew this was important so he stopped the guy, telling him my wife will want to see this. So I rushed over, parked myself front and center and watched as the Sham Wow really did soak up all that pop through the carpet. The lake of pop on the counter underneath the carpet was gone. The area dry. The pop wrung back into the bowl. No suspicious editing cuts. I saw it unfold, live and in person. What else could I do?



Julie said...

hehe, I got "sucked" into that one too....We did use them though, so thats good!

Betsy said...

I would have bought them too, but we were on vacation, and I didn't have alot of money to spare. Now just waiting for another info-mercial! LOL!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

You traded Maya in for two "Shamm Wows"?!?!?!?

Julie said...

I so want to try them. Let me know how they work in real life. Maybe I will take the plunge and pick up the phone the next time I see the commercial.

Shan said...

Julie - I actually loved them for cleaning my windows. And we got the two sets for the same price. We split them with Papa and Grandma Linda.

Betsey - Let me know if you end up getting them.

Normie - it seemed like a good deal :)

Julie - I haven't used them a lot yet, but so far I'm happy. Even just for the ease of mopping up the girls spills. They'll easily pay for themselves just for that:)