Sunday, August 24, 2008

second verse same as the first

Well to carry on this weekend's sad theme, Dave and Mel were here for one last visit before heading over to roam around Europe for the next three months. Luckily Granny also had the day off and could spend it with us as well. We even snuck in a little birthday celebration with her since she's jetting off to the East coast for hers.

All in all it was a pretty low key day. We rocked some Guitar Hero. Mel and I swam in our frigid pool with Abby. It wasn't the same kind of sadness as Yoli's party. I mean I know for sure when Dave and Mel are coming back home and it didn't really seem all that weird to part today saying, see you at Christmas. Well it did and it didn't. It wouldn't be odd if we didn't seem them until Christmas even if they weren't headed halfway round the world.. They have very busy weekends and Maya is the world's worst traveler. The kid needs Gravol to get to Dundas for crying out loud. It just seemed odd to say it out loud. It's just unsettling to think they won't be a mere two hours away, but at least we have Facebook. And they better be checking in a lot. Or at least enough to keep me from totally freaking out.

I am excited for them and their grand adventure, but being an entirely different type of person. Read I am a homebody married to a homebody. The idea of living in a foreign country makes me feel anxious. I can only hope the next three months go by quickly. And to top the weekend off I'm headed back to work tomorrow after a week off. So I think the best thing for me is to wave the white flag and head up to sleep my way to a better frame of mind.

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Leah said...

aww, hugs Shan!! I hope you find the time passing quickly...