Monday, August 25, 2008

spreading some linky love #25

Did you all enjoy the Olympics? We tuned in whenever we could, watching events here and there. I love the water events. Abby did as well. What was the deal with the Race Walk? Who knew that was an actual event? Anyway over at confusaled you can check out a smattering of previous Olympic Medal designs.

I am not able to wear my wedding rings to work because the stone is so large and heavy I can't lift my hand. HA! I'm so funny. Anyway I head to work every day ringless and it bothers me. I'd like to get myself a plain band for work, but Mike's against the idea since it wasn't the ring we used in our ceremony and therefore is meaningless. I think a wedding band on my finger means I'm married regardless of when and where I got it. In the event that I manage to win this argument I am totally in love with any one of the rings from Titanium Knights.

Why not take the Rookie Mom Challenge over at Temporarily Me? Don't worry you don't need to be a "rookie" Mom to participate. Go on. Read all about it.

And a happy first blogging anniversary to Kellan! Congrats!


I really love the link to the olympic medals. Sadly, we don't have a tv right now, so I wasn't able to watch any of them... I had to make do with reading about things online.
Those rings are really very nice! I jumped over here from Dani's place. You mentioned your kids school does balanced school day. All summer I kept telling myself things would be fine, I would figure out this lunch thing. Now I am less than a week away and panicking. How do you pack lunch for your girls?
Shan, are you doing the "Rookie Mom" thing? It fits so perfectly with this week's Widney Wednesday (which...I can totally tell you are trying to wimp out of on'd better go, girl!!!).

I know Shan will answer you, too, but I used to actually pack two little lunch bags (labelled #1 and #2), but we quickly gave up on that and just packed one bigger lunch with two drinks and we told our daughter to eat the perishable stuff (yogurt, etc) during the first break. Then she'd just eat what was left during the second break and have her second drink. It worked itself out fine.
I loved that Kristina did that! It was a awesome post! Have a great day!
Thanks for the link to the weekly challenege! I hope you're going to participate! There's great items to be won!!
Love the rings! And I am gong to try and to the Rookie Mom challenge. I am a rookie mom, so it's a perfect fit!
I LOOOOVE the Olympics, but I sooo glad they are over because I am so sleep deprived!!
Sarah - Yes it was a great post. I love the Olympics. Especially the great magic Olympic moments, like Ian Miller finally winning a medal.

Chantal - they are really very lovely. It's just the one kid in school right now. Maya still has a couple of years before she goes. In the past two years I've found what works best for Abby is to send her two drinks and a sandwich. Then I send a variety of snacky type things like grapes, dry cereal, pretzels, granola bars, applesauce. and so on. Then I just trust her to eat what she'd like at each break. So I might put grapes and applesauce in her lunch knowing she likely wouldn't eat both fruits in the same break. Or goldfish crackers and dry cereal. I hope that helps.

Normie - It sure does, doesn't it. I hope to be able to come, won't know for sure until tomorrow.

Kaci - Yeah it was a great one.

Sam - anytime. I love reading your blog!

Julie - I'm pretty sure I'm still a rookie mom too!

Valarie - Me too! It's nice not to feel chained to the TV because what if I missed something?!
I'm with you on the rings, Shannon, both your desire to wear one and your choice--they're *awesome*! And so affordable too. Can you ask Santa?

You remind me that I've been meaning to write a post about my ring-wearing habit; sounds like a future Love Thursday to me....
Michelle - I think they're awesome too. I'm hoping I've dropped enough hints to Santa.... time will tell.