Sunday, September 07, 2008

again with the weenie roast

I know you must be wondering, why all the weenie roasts? Well let me tell you. I love to entertain. Love having people over, but it's a lot of work. And I don't even mind that. What I don't like is the time factor. If we have a large group of people over that we plan on feeding an actual meal, I feel like I spend my entire night in the kitchen dealing with food. I mean you have the setting out, the clearing off and all the stuff in between. Then repeat for dessert. And my kitchen, not entertaining friendly despite being rather large.

Then we hit upon the weenie roast and it is the perfect solution, at least from my vantage point as hostess. I set out the weenies, the marshmallows and the pointy sticks and then I'm free to socialize with my friends while they're all forced to cook their own meals. We had some friends over not long ago for some stellar weenie roasting. It was perfect weather for a fire, nice and cool. It was such a great night Mike and I made the executive decision to permanently move the Roasting of the Weenies to September. Look for the invite next fall kids!

So this batch were a bunch of weenie roasting newbies... with the exception of my Robin. I had rounded up some past and present work friends. Including Tracy, who may be the first person ever to show up to a bonfire with her own firewood.


Part of a mangled tree she's been storing in that cardboard box at her house for the last couple of years. Apparently waiting for the perfect occasion. Glad we could be of help!


Have I told you before that I regularly laugh my ass off at work? Cause I do. We're a funny bunch. Even funnier when we don't have actual work to do. We even managed to keep it relatively clean since we had some young ones running around. Well as clean we could get it with Heazer and Nancy in attendance, which is actually pretty dirty. Luckily the girls were too high on sugar and too busy running around catching disgusting bugs and one baby toad in water bottles, one of which Abby later sat on, to pay any attention to us.

As for Mike, king of the fire, when he wasn't busy poking at the burning logs with his fire poker or encouraging the girls' bawdy talk he was very busy snapping pictures of the fire. And why would that be? A new hobby perhaps? Well our local fair is coming up in a couple of weeks. This is the last fair at it's current location before it moves to a less landlocked and more rural area. Mike and I figured we should enjoy this last fair to the hilt including entering some items for judging. So Michael and I will be going toe to toe in the best campfire picture category. Also, best cheese bread.

What do you think? Who will win?

Mike's entry...


My entry...

2007-06-30 023

Oh and don't forget my Ontario living friends, there is still time to enter the Eat Well Save More giveaway. Abby will be drawing a winner before she goes to bed. So get a comment in on the giveaway post by Monday September 8th at 8PM EST.

Oh and one more thing. A very happy birthday to my Mom! I hope you're having a great time celebrating out on the East Coast! Miss you!


Karen said...

Hmmm, I do like Mike's closeup but what's a campfire without people to sit beside it? I'll have to think on it.

I would have entered the contest, but I have so many Loblaws bins I don't want to win it and take it away from someone else! My grocery strategy however? Cheapest and healthiest I can find. Sometimes it's Loblaws but often it is Food Basics. Throw in some Farmer's Market stuff from our local FMs and I'm set generally.

Kaci said...

SO FUN!! I have good memories of weiner roastin in my childhood!!

Julie said...

I love the idea of a weenie roast - how fun! I've never been to one.

darlene said...

sorry i missed it....would have been so much fun for me..:-(
I suck!

just me said...

Thanks for bday wishes, great pictures, having a great time, talk to you wednesday
miss u too

Shan said...

Karen - I'll let you know how it all goes down in a couple of weeks.

We used to do Food Basic until our WalMart turned into a super center. NOw I do all my shopping there.

Kaci - they are so much fun!!

Julie - really? You need to rectify that soon!

Darlene - yep you do suck! But I loves ya anyway!

Mom - missed you tons!