Sunday, September 28, 2008

blog this #5

Well fall appears to be upon us. Mike and I spent the weekend dismantling the pool and storing it away for the winter. And just starting that general yard clean up before winter. I love fall, it could be my favourite season, weather wise anyway. I love a perfect crisp fall day.

But what's your favourite season?

Blog This rules:

Here’s what happens:

1. I start with a question/phrase.

2. The first commenter answers that question and leaves a new question for the next visitor to answer. It could be a general question, fill in the blank sentence, a “tell me about a time when,” etc.

3. The next commenter answers the new question and provides a question for the next visitor.

4. And so forth until you’re all bored to tears. Yes, I expect actual tears before we stop (photographic evidence will do).

5. Note: I reserve the right to delete or modify any questions that, you know, rub me the wrong way. Ahem.


Karen said...

Fall is my favourite season too, by far. I love the crunchy leaves and their smell and pulling out sweaters, and Thanksgiving and getting ready for Halloween.

Did you have a favourite food combination that you loved as a kid or still love that everyone else thought was crazy? (example: my husband loves and still loves egg and jam sandwiches)

Julie said...

OK, John is gross! My favorite things was peanut butter and sugar sandwiches. Not as gross as you think. I did have it on occasion when I was living on a student budget.

I have to agree, fall is my favorite season.

What was your favorite board game/game when you were a kids? (mine was the Game of Life)

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Fall has always been "the most depressing" season to me. Fall is the equivalent of Sunday night. You just know there is a long...long...week (or Winter) ahead. Really, I hate Witer the most - but fall gets the blame. ~Although~ I am ~starting~ to come around a bit because I do love baking/cooking more in the fall, and I love sitting in front of a fire when it is getting chilly out.

**My favourite board game as a kid was "MasterMind", as a grown-up it was "Pictionary" (although, I could never get anyone to play with me).**

What is your favourite ~wild~ animal and why? {I'd have a hard time picking but I love elephants, and meerkats (who are becoming very popular, I see!), and river otters, and skunks!}

Kaci said...

Ellyphants of course!! :)

What is your favorite treat?

just a girl... said...


If you could be in one movie, what movie would it be?

Julie said...

Pretty woman!

If you had to spend $100,000 on frivilous items (ie no bill paying, saving for college, etc) what would you buy?

Widney Woman said...

Frivolous $100,000 spending??

Designer purses. I'd get LASIK so I could buy designer sunglasses. Designer watches too. And I'd have to get a few pairs of designer shoes so my purses and glasses and watches don't look out of place.

What would you do with $100,000 if you had to spend it on other people (not your spouse or kids) or organizations?

Shan said...

Well I'm going to close out this round and answer Widney's question.

What would I spend my $100,000 on? Hmmm... some to my church, some to my brother's. Abby's school. Then some small treats for family, like a new stove for Papa and Grandma Linda.